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WI Interfaith Leaders for Fair Maps - sign-on letter!


On November 30, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court decided to take a 'least change' approach to deciding the state's legislative districts for the next ten years.  The Court also decided that they would not take partisan gerrymandering into account when deciding what map to adopt. This decision will result in enshrining hyper-partisan gerrymandering in our maps for at least the next ten years, disenfranchising thousands of voters. On December 15, interested parties submitted new maps, adhering to the 'least change' criterion.  On January 18, the Court will begin to hear arguments in the case.

Sign on - to support the "March Forth to Earth Day" project

It is time to March Forth to Earth Day.....from March 4th to April 22, 2022Be one of the first to sign on to our massive sign-on letter endorsing the March Forth to Earth Day project. Click here to sign on

Sign the Petition - to end open air burning of hazardous waste!

Please do your part by signing the petition calling on EPA to end open air burning and detonation of hazardous waste!

What YOU can do to stop the expansion of Line 5 in WI!

"All hands on deck" to show the DNR that Wisconsin rejects Line 5! Well, it’s finally happened. We’ve been waiting 18 months for the DNR (WI Department of Natural Resources) to release their draft Environmental Impact Statement (dEIS), and now they finally have.


Congresswoman Lee Introduced a Resolution to Monitor and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the U.S. Military. Barbara Lee’s legislation demands that the U.S. military account for its heavy carbon bootprint and track, reduce and report greenhouse gas emissions for all operations, including troop deployments, overseas bases and bombings. WIsconsin's Gwen Moore is a co-sponsor.

Op-ed: Helping Small Processors Won’t Work Unless We Break Up Big Meat - FFD

President Biden’s plan to invest $1 billion to increase competition in meat will fail without enforcing existing antitrust legislation and real monopoly reform to level the playing field. As an organizer working with farm groups in Wisconsin, I have asked many poultry farmers about the conditions they’re working under. Sadly, no one will speak to me.

December 2021 Network News

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