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Join Safe Skies Clean Water WI to Protest F35 Fighter Jets - in Madison June 26


Mobilize at Truax: F-35s won’t let us thrive – Madison, June 26. Start gathering at 2 pm in the Madison College parking lot, for information, music & lyrics. Head to Truax gates – on the sidewalk – no later than 3:00 pm, for speakers and follow-up actions.Take home postcards to mail to Sen. Baldwin, yard signs, bumper stickers and buttons.

Mass March for Driver’s Licenses & Citizenship - walking from Milwaukee to Madison this week

  • Sunday, June 20 at 9:00 a.m. (and beyond)

Join Voces de La Frontera for their

Mass March for Driver’s Licenses & Citizenship : Day 3 of 9


Call Today: June 22: Rid Our Society of Systemic Racism!


UPDATE: Later today, Tuesday June 22,  the Senate will try to bring S.1, the For the People Act, to the floor for a vote.

Local Faith Group Sees Opportunity to Help Stop Endless Wars - Madison

Madison Quakers are taking a  positive step towards ending the U.S.’s “endless wars”.  They are supporting the repeal of the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) and invite their Wisconsin neighbors to join them. (The House voted to repeal (H.R. 256) this week - now on to the Senate) 

Support the Indigenous-led Movement to Stop Line 3 in Northern Minnesota!

Many Wisconsin groups and individuals are joining the Indigenous-led nationwide effort to stop this pipeline. You can read more about this effort at these links below:

Forest Jahnke: State shouldn't let CAFO stink up Crawford County - Letter to the Editor Cap Times - Madison

Dear Editor: Please consider attending the June 10 virtual public hearing for the Roth Feeder Pig II factory farm expansion, Cartoon credit to KenStark - 2021 Richland Co, WI. 

Sign the petition on Action Network telling Congress to LAUNCH A 3RD RECONSTRUCTION.

Intersecting Systems Causing Poverty: Emerging from the pain and organizing power of the 140 million people living in poverty or with low wages in this nation, the congressional resolution for a Third Reconstruction reflects an omnibus vision for a fundamental restructuring of society that lifts from the bottom.

Send your postcard: “Postcard Campaign of Resistance Against the F-35s!"

If you are concerned about the F-35s coming to Wisconsin, please consider sending a postcard to Senator Tammy Baldwin identifying your concerns.  If you have already done that,  "Thanks!" ....and think of  other family and friends who might be interested in joining the “Postcard Campaign of Resistance Against the F-35s!" Here is the form to use when requesting these free postcards:

FROM UFPJ: Our Representatives Repealed the Iraq War Authorization— & other nat'l events and action alerts!

We contacted them - and our Representatives Repealed the Iraq War Authorization—Thursday, June 17!! On to the Senate now....

The resolution passed 268-161, mainly along party lines, though 49 Republicans joined the Democratic majority in favor of repeal while one Democrat joined Republicans in opposition.

Non-Black Allies in the Fight for Climate Justice: Voices from 350 Madison

Join 350 Madison and friends on Monday evening, June 7, to hear about our experience with the Nehemiah Center's Justified Anger class "Black History for a New Day" and the ways it will help us in our fight for climate justice.

WNPJ Spring 2021 Newsletter is here!

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