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WNPJ acts as a connector, catalyst, incubator, amplifier and reflection space for surrent and prospective members and groups. Join us! 

Please send events, announcements and action alerts to info@wnpj.org

We send a compilation of Action Alerts, Upcoming Events and News from our 70 Member Organizations near the beginning of each week. You choose which ones you want to read about and act on!  Sign up here

Powering the Just Energy Transition! Come to the Renewable Energy Fair in Custer, WI June 24-26


Participatory workshops, informational booths, kids activities, food & music! Stop by the tables of these WNPJ member groups: WNPJ, Family Farm Defenders, Farley Center, and more! Need a camping site? Check out FAQ's here:

The Poor People's Campaign Digital Drum Beat for the June 18th March in DC!

Make a video about why YOU are going to Washington DC June 18th! And check out this resource to see where you can find a bus to get you there

Sign up for "Your Democracy Needs You! Tour" - starting out June 23 from Madison

Your Democracy Needs You! Tour: https://tinyurl.com/DemocracyTourAbout - June 23 - Sep 24, 2022 (Maybe Longer) 

Raging Grannies at the Madison Farmer's Market. WNPJ member groups can sign up to table here!

The Raging Grannies have quite the impact on the community. They sing at the Farmers Market each week for peace, racial and economic justice, public education, a sustainable environment, women’s rights, and democracy.  While attracting attention with their hats, aprons and shawls, the Grannies make people laugh by poking fun at the powers that be (and sometimes themselves) in order to call for a more humane social order.

Tell the Biden administration to eliminate NWP12 and close this disastrous pipeline loophole for good!

Fossil fuel pipelines threaten our rivers, streams, and wetlands ... they can pollute drinking water sources and damage wildlife habitat ... and they lead to pollution that fuels the climate crisis and threatens our ability to meet the goals needed to protect our planet.

Climate Safe Pensions for Wisconsin! * Sign the petition....

Are you a member of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)? Are you concerned about climate change and your grandchildrens’ future? Do you worry about the financial stability of your pension and/or how those investments impact the world around us?

A Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine and the People of Russia Who Are Demanding Peace

From the Board of the Wisconsin Network for Peace and JusticeGlobal citizens are witnessing a transgression against humanity and a violation of international law as Russian military might continues to roll over the independent nation of Ukraine. 

Sign the Statement on the Existential Threat of Nuclear Weapons & Treaty Prohibition by June 7

The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes has been added to the national endorsement list of the statement named above, but the Nuclear Ban Treaty Collaborate is also encouraging individuals to sign THIS STATEMENT.

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