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Madison area: Call to Action on F-35s - and Spread the News of Oct 17th event!

The silver lining to the horrific decision to base the F-35s war planes in Madison is that it presents an amazing focus for us to come together. Copy this alert, modify it as you need to to make it your own, and send it to your people. If you are part of any groups, ask them to sign on as one of the Safe Skies Clean Water Coalition supporting groups by filling out this form:

We come together for:

Still Time to Add More Maps

The slogan of your team of map-helpers,  Mary Kay Baum and Dan Folkman, is  "If we can do it, you can do it".  Below we provide you with video steps to get your maps to both the People's Maps Commission Portal (PMC for short) and Legislature's Draw Your District Wisconsin (DYD for short) by October 15th.

Support the US-Cuba Friendship Flotilla this November!

In the tradition of seafaring civil demonstrations against injustice, CODEPINK is sponsoring a collective of sailors that have launched an exciting new venture: a US-Cuba Friendship Flotilla that will sail from southern Florida to Cuba in November 2021. We are looking for peace-loving, humanitarian people with boats, people interested in crewing on boats, and everyone willing to contribute time, funds, and/or resources to this inspiring initiative.

Congress: Protect Our Water!


The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced, for the first time EVER, it will set limits on levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) being discharged into our waters. While welcomed, it'll take years to implement and it will not go far enough. But, there is legislation to jump-start protection of our drinking water from PFAS, NOW. 

Protect the Right to Vote! Pass the Freedom to Vote Act!

As anti-democratic voter suppression bills sweep through our nation's state houses, including in Wisconsin,  Senators Klobuchar and Manchin introduced on Sept. 14 the Freedom to Vote Act. Call 888-885-1748: Ask your Senators to support robust national standards for federal elections in the Freedom to Vote Act to ensure that we can safely and freely cast our ballots!

Demand your representative support these important amendments to cut Pentagon bloat!

Did you hear that the House Armed Services Committee voted to increase Pentagon spending by $25 billion more than President Biden requested, which could bring total military spending to a whopping $778 billion in FY2022? 

That’s right. This is the same Pentagon budget that’s already bigger than the next 12 largest country’s military budgets combined.

Yes! The Milwaukee County Supervisors voted in favor of Resolution 21-826 - Prevent Nuclear War!

On Sept. 9, 2021, Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Steve Shea introduced Resolution 21-826 calling for the Board to endorse the Back From the Brink “Call to Prevent Nuclear War”.

MREA Newsletter - How do we achieve a more equitable energy economy?

How do we achieve a more equitable energy economy? If you ask NAACP Field Organizer and MREA Vice President Denise Abdul-Rahman, she’ll kindly tell you we need a system that increases employment opportunities and decreases pollution externalities. She’ll say it starts with dialogue—with listening to communities in need and valuing community knowledge. And then she’ll ask you to re-imagine how a new, clean energy economy can work for all. Today, we’re challenging you to help create actions and outcomes around this dialogue.

#TeachTheTruthWisconsin - a Week of Action for Racial Equity, October 10-16

Around the country, the forces of white supremacy and racism are confronting school boards, demanding they prevent teaching the true history of racism, slavery, sexism, and violence against marginalized communities that is part of the founding of our country.  As people of faith, we believe it is the responsibility of each person to do their part to address the systemic inequities and injustices in our society, and to create a world where every human being can live a life of dignity and respect.  


From Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice: As people of faith, we are all deeply distressed at the human cost of the 20-years long war in Afghanistan, and the devastating impact of the US withdrawal over the last few weeks.  Many of us are wondering how we can help the influx of Afghan refugees who have been brought to Wisconsin andmay be settling here.

Interfaith Peace Working Group Newsletter Sept 2021

We're pleased to share with you the Fall issue of the Interfaith Peace Working Group Newsletter! We believe you will find the articles informative and useful for discussion and study in your congregation/synagogue/mosque or other local faith community.

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