Action Alert from WISDOM: "I Care About People in Prison. Does Governor Evers Care?"

We have a serious crisis - COVID-19.  I am grateful that Governor Evers has shown leadership in guiding our state through the pandemic, recognizing that amid alarming infection rates, overcrowded intensive care units, and rising death tolls, we can't just go about business as usual.  It is sad that the state legislature's leaders have chosen not to even try to help.

Call in to comment on the NRC draft EIS for nuclear waste dump & transport - Oct 15

Thurs  Oct 15th 10 am – 1 pm CALL IN TO COMMENT ON THE Nuclear Regulatory Commission draft Environmental Impact Statement for Supposedly "Interim" Nuclear Waste Dump and Massive Transport Across the US. We have this chance to let the Nuclear Regulatory Commission know we don't want nuclear waste moved across the country for 40 years to a supposedly temporary site!

Safe Skies Clean Water is sponsoring an F-16 fighter jet noise survey

Your survey responses will be compiled and shared with you, the public, and officials from Madison, Dane County Board, County Airport and Truax Field. We hope the survey will have a high participation rate so that we can conclusively show to our community leaders, the Air Force and the Air National Guard that existing fighter jet noise is already undesirable and disruptive.

Dane Buy Local Bucky Books available

Support local businesses and front-line workers!

The War at Home - Oscar Nominated documentary - now streaming!

Spread the news about the Oscar Nominated documentary, The War at Home*.  In the 1960s, we took to the streets to stop the Vietnam war.  Civil Rights & Antiwar activists built mass movements that changed America. We did it before and now we must do it again. 

     *extensive coverage of protests in Wisconsin

In 2020, the war at home is back: in the struggle for racial justice, expanding healthcare, protecting the environment – and by stopping Trump's autocratic, extreme agenda .

Wisconsin is in need of people to serve as paid poll workers for the Nov. 3 election.

If you're looking for a way to make an impact this election year, becoming a poll worker is one of the most vital roles you can play. Being a poll worker means helping people vote safely and ensuring as many people as possible can cast their ballot. Together, we will help the voices of our community be heard!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many veteran poll workers have to sit this one out, so we need younger citizens to step up! This is a great opportunity for high school and college students to get involved with the democratic process. 

Voter Outreach Opportunities

MyVote Now Has Local Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes and Early Voting Locations Information

Visit Search by their first name, last name, and date of birth Select “Find My Local Absentee Options”


War Resisters League calls for articles on elections from people impacted by war and militarism

We are comprised of writers and organizers based across the Americas with ties to Black, Indigenous, MENA, Latin American, and white communities of resistance. Every month, we meet to discuss pressing issues facing our communities today and invite you to join with a call for submissions.

Recording of George Lakey - What to Do If There's A Coup?

Link to the video of the September 17 event. Sponsored by: Homewood & Stony Run Meetings (Baltimore Quakers); Baltimore Yearly Meeting Peace & Social Concerns Committee (Quakers); Maryland Poor People’s Campaign;Maryland Peace Action; Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore; Prevent Nuclear War/Maryland; Get Money Out Maryland.

COVID19 Mutual Aid Support, Offers and Resources

UPDATED OFTEN:  Times that are potentially scary require us to better support one another. In the same way that we bring casseroles to grieving families and baby clothes to celebrate newborns, we can come together as a community to help each other through this difficult time as well. An essential part of stopping the spread of coronavirus from overwhelming our hospital systems is voluntary self-isolation. However, isolation can be difficult without the support of your neighbors. This information will help us provide support to each other!

Donate Today to Support the Building Unity Tour

Our democracy is imperiled by the growing influence of money in politics, greatly compounded by voter suppression and partisan gerrymandering. For our democracy to work, it is essential for citizens to be registered, engaged, know that their vote counts, and have the information they need to vote and make informed decisions.

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