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The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice has been here to augment your work over the past years through our calendar listings, action alerts, initiatives, tabling, lobbying, resource sharing and connections. Now it's time to celebrate what we've done, and chart a course for the future!

Support Food not Killer Drones - Juneau County

Although Juneau County is rich in drones, it is one of the poorest in Wisconsin.  We are asking you to support food for the hungry in Juneau County not killer drones.

In the service of social justice we are calling on all people of goodwill who can do so to join us in a “Support Food not Killer Drones” campaign to contribute money to help the hungry people of Juneau County.  We will be sending checks to the Juneau County Peace Committee (address below), and they will distribute the money to Juneau County food pantries. 

December WNPJ 2020 Newsletter is here!

Send Comments for a fair and transparent redistricting process to WI Supreme Court: Deadline Nov 30

Please write the Wisconsin Supreme Court today and tell them that you oppose this upcoming Rule 20-03 relating to legal challenges to redistricting - Action Alert from the WI Democracy Campaign. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is taking public comments on a proposed rule that would pre-rig the process for the drawing of legislative and congressional district maps and would likely lead to another gerrymander in Wisconsin.

The Fair Trade Holiday Festival has reached the halfway point! It runs virtually through the month of November.

You only have until the end of November to scoop up these fantastic products from all over the world, including MRSCP's beautiful hand-crafted  "tatreez" embroidery, kuffiyehs, jewelry, ceramics and wood products.

Be part of a “Thank an Election Hero” campaign from Wisconsin Voices!

As the statewide canvass comes to a close, we are launching our “Thank an Election Hero” social media campaign building on Governor Evers’s proclaimed “Election Hero Day” from November 2nd. Together, we are vocally supporting local election clerks, election staff, poll workers and postal service workers for their diligence, integrity and courage in making this pandemic election the most secure in our history. Here are some ideas for organizations and individuals looking to thank an Election Hero:

Urge Congress to release humanitarian aid to UNRWA

Please write to your elected representatives and ask them to urge Secretary of State Pompeo to release humanitarian assistance funding to UNRWA as well as the other humanitarian aid Congress approved last year.

Send a note to thank Rep. Mark Pocan: Pocan Leads 40 Dems Demanding Condemnation of Israeli Demolitions

Press release Nov. 2020. MADISON, WI – Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI) led a letter of 40 Democrats to Secretary of State Mark Pompeo demanding condemnation of the Israeli government’s demolition of 76 structures in Palestinian Bedouin community of Homsa al-Baquia (Khierbet Humsah)—displacing 73 people including 41 children—and to secure a commitment from the Israeli government to end any further displacements immediately.

Why These Native Americans Observe A National Day Of Mourning Each Thanksgiving

In America’s indigenous communities, the Thanksgiving holiday is a reminder of loss. HuffPost visited Plymouth, Mass., to speak with the United American Indians of New England as the group plans their annual National Day of Mourning.

Oppose Nomination of Michele Flournoy as Sec. of Defense - from Peace Action Wisconsin

Oppose hawkish Flournoy’s nomination because she wants to increase arms sales to Saudi Arabia to police the Middle East while the US pivots to Asia to escalate troop deployments for more “war games” in the South China Sea. After leaving the Obama White House, Flournoy joined the Boston Consulting Group as a senior advisor, overseeing the development of $32 million in military contracts.[7][8] In 2018, she joined the board of Booz Allen Hamilton, a publicly traded consulting firm with military contracts and cyber security expertise.

Sign the Petition to Stop the Keystone XL pipeline

It’s been less than a week since the presidential results were confirmed, but already the fossil fuel lobby in Canada is devising a plan to pressure Joe Biden into completing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The worst part is, they’re feeling optimistic. Not only are tar sands companies banking on Keystone XL, they’re also hard at work trying to push through another tar sands pipeline: the Line 3 pipeline in northern Minnesota. Our movement is up against massive fossil fuel corporations with unlimited sums of money to lobby the United States and Canadian governments.

Lessons from the Election and Demands for Joe Biden – from Peace Action

Joe Biden made the centerpiece of his campaign a battle for the "soul of the nation," making the election about character instead of running on the issues. The results showed that this was a flawed approach. Supporters of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal were nearly all returned to office, even in competitive districts. The corporate wing of the Democratic Party will continue to resist broadly popular initiatives to cater to their donors, representatives of the big banks, health insurance industry, drug companies, and arms manufacturers.

Recruiting Clergy and Laypersons for voter education and action against voter suppression

The Wisconsin Council of Churches and Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice are committed to work that educates and informs voters, protects democracy and promotes nonviolent action against voter suppression which particularly targets BIPOC communities. We lift up a vision of an inclusive, multiracial democracy.

Sign’s list of 10 Executive Actions we demand on Biden’s first day in office

The presidential race has just been called: Joe Biden will be our next President. Voters turned out in record numbers and polls show that climate action was a major issue. Now we must get to work holding the next administration accountable to bold and urgent climate action: Our job between now and Inauguration Day is clear: Put as much pressure on Biden to use the full power of the Presidency in his first 100 days to combat the climate crisis. Our climate can’t wait, so neither will we. Sign on to our list of 10 Executive Actions we need the Biden Administration to take on day one!


People need rental assistance, increased SNAP (food stamps) benefits, unemployment insurance, and access to free testing and COVID health care, and they need it now!  According to the Wisconsin Budget Project:

*116,000 Wisconsin parents cannot provide enough food for their children to eat

*165,000 Wisconsin renters do not think they will be able to pay next month's rent

*2 million Wisconsin residents are having trouble paying their usual household expenses

Safe Skies Clean Water is sponsoring an F-16 fighter jet noise survey

Your survey responses will be compiled and shared with you, the public, and officials from Madison, Dane County Board, County Airport and Truax Field. We hope the survey will have a high participation rate so that we can conclusively show to our community leaders, the Air Force and the Air National Guard that existing fighter jet noise is already undesirable and disruptive.

Dane Buy Local Bucky Books available

Support local businesses and front-line workers!

COVID19 Mutual Aid Support, Offers and Resources

UPDATED OFTEN:  Times that are potentially scary require us to better support one another. In the same way that we bring casseroles to grieving families and baby clothes to celebrate newborns, we can come together as a community to help each other through this difficult time as well. An essential part of stopping the spread of coronavirus from overwhelming our hospital systems is voluntary self-isolation. However, isolation can be difficult without the support of your neighbors. This information will help us provide support to each other!

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