Action Alert Friday, February 17, 2017

Action Alert 1: Resist & Build
Action Alert 2: What Should We Say To A New President?
Action Alert 3: Wisconsin Water Thinkers Network presents...Water and Spirituality
Action Alert 4: Wisconsin LGBTQ Summit
Action Alert 5: International Festival
Action Alert 6: Stand for Peace Petition

Cecilia Zarate-Laun, Founder of the Colombia Support Network, Passes

Madison - Cecilia Lucia Zarate-Laun passed away on Sunday, February 5, at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison with her husband and 3 sisters present. She was born on May 10, 1945 in Santander Province in Colombia. The eldest of 5 sisters, she completed high school in Bucaramanga and graduated in Nutrition from the National University of Colombia in Bogota in 1966.

WNPJ Board Members Take a Trans-affirming Stance

Our statement: This is a statement that we were planning to put out to explain why WNPJ would be pulling sponsorship if Thistle performed at the Pipeline Fighters Benefit concert.  We were then informed that she removed herself from the lineup out of fear for her own safety from previous threats she had gotten.  Yesterday we saw statements from Thistle saying that Z! has forced WNPJ to pull out which is untrue and an example of her furthering transphobia.

Petition:Demand Transparency from Trump

On January 19th, the ACLU took its first legal action against the Trump Administration.

Why? Donald J. Trump is poised to become the 45th President of the United States without fully answering questions about his looming conflicts of interest. His ethical and financial conflicts threaten to undermine the public’s confidence in fair government – and even our national security.

Action Alert for January 26, 2017

Action Alert 1: Freeze for Peace 5K Run/Walk and 10K Run for Colombia
Action Alert 2: Fight For Economic Justice in Trump’s America Rally
Action Alert 3: "Save the Menominee River" Speaking Tour
Action Alert 4: United We Stand: A Community Gathering in Support of Our Neighbors Subject to Deportation or Discrimination

Statewide Network Commits to Continuing Work for Justice in the Face of Hate

Wisconsin Network For Peace and Justice (WNPJ) recognizes and stands in unity with those experiencing and feeling an increased amount of violence and push back in these uncertain times. Given the increased amounts of hate crimes following the election, we expect an increase in personal attacks as well as institutional violence through policy following the inauguration. WNPJ has been an ally and leader of movements to end racism, deportation, war, mass incarceration, and privatization of education.

Action Alert for Jan. 19, 2017

Action Alert 1: Prayer Vigil on Inauguration Day
Action Alert 2:  Resistance to Stop Trump's Agenda
Action Alert 3: Women’s March on Madison
Action Alert 4: Annual River Valley Martin Luther King Observance

Action Alert 5: Responsible Investing In A Climate-Challenged World

Action Alert for Jan. 17, 2017

Action Alert 1: Last Gasp with the National Lawyers Guild
Action Alert 2: Call to ask Boys and Girls Club to Cancel Canned Hunt Fundraiser
Action Alert 3: Love and Revolution Radio
Action Alert 4: Check the WNPJ Calendar
Action Alert 5: WNPJ Newsletter Available Online

Action Alert for Jan. 11, 2017

Action Alert 1: Martin Luther King Jr Day Celebrations 
Action Alert 2: Food, Agriculture & Climate: Problems, Solutions & Consumer Choices
Action Alert 3: No guns in schools!
Action Alert 4: Join a WNPJ Committee

Action Alert for Jan. 4, 2017

Action Alert 1: “Four Seasons, Four Doors,” the art work of DarRen Morris
Action Alert 2: Redistribution of Wealth (ROW) Workshop Series
Action Alert 3: Hope Rising! Call For Peace
Action Alert 4: Send us your monthly meeting schedule!

Action Alert for Dec. 28, 2016

Action Alert 1: No Back 40 Mine
Action Alert 2: Count My Vote Rally and Press Conference
Action Alert 3: National Day of Resistance for Immigrants and Refugees
Action Alert 4: Women's March on Madison

Action Alert for Dec. 21, 2016

Action Alert 1: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy/Voting Rights Expert Discussion
Action Alert 2: Public Hearing - Richfield Dairy CAFO Permit Renewal
Action Alert 3: Building winnable tactics
Action Alert 4: Sign Up for the Freeze for Peace Run!

Action Alert for Dec. 13, 2016

Action Alert 1: Night Out of Darkness Solidarity Event
Action Alert 2: ACLU Legal Observer Training Sessions
Action Alert 3: "Getting Ready for the Trump Regime" Discussion
Action Alert 4:  Register for RENEW Wisconsin's 2017 Energy Policy Summit

Action Alert for Dec. 7, 2016

Action Alert 1: Racial Justice Living Room Conversations
Action Alert 2: Standing Rock Celebration
Action Alert 3: Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones 5th Anniversary Celebration
Action Alert 4: TeleSeminar: What is a Water Drop Alert and Why Should I Care?