Congress is back in session but just for a short time, and then they recess again to hit the campaign trail. If they do not act now, we will not get another COVID Relief bill until 2021, if then.

People need rental assistance, increased SNAP (food stamps) benefits, unemployment insurance, and access to free testing and COVID health care, and they need it now!

Voter Outreach Opportunities

The League of Women Voters of Dane County has joined with the Dane County NAACP to form the Dane County Voter ID Coalition. [but includes areas beyond Dane County] The mission of the Coalition is to educate voters about the requirement to show a voter photo ID to receive a ballot on Election Day or when voting absentee. A specific goal is to identify voters who may not have an acceptable voter photo ID, and to arrange for direct assistance to those voters who may need help obtaining one.  The Coalition is exploring 3 approaches:


Tues Oct 8th 7 pm  KOREA PEACE NOW! Peace Action of WI Zoom Meeting   Update from the Korea Peace Network by National Peace Action’s Kevin Martin and UWM Professor Nan Kim of Women Cross DMZ  The Korea Peace Network, coordinated by Peace Action President Kevin Martin, is a network comprised of peace, social justice, human rights, faith, veterans and Korean-American groups and individuals advocating peace on the Korean peninsula.

COVID19 Mutual Aid Support, Offers and Resources

UPDATED OFTEN:  Times that are potentially scary require us to better support one another. In the same way that we bring casseroles to grieving families and baby clothes to celebrate newborns, we can come together as a community to help each other through this difficult time as well. An essential part of stopping the spread of coronavirus from overwhelming our hospital systems is voluntary self-isolation. However, isolation can be difficult without the support of your neighbors. This information will help us provide support to each other!

Events & Actions for Sept 22, 2020

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Our democracy is imperiled by the growing influence of money in politics, greatly compounded by voter suppression and partisan gerrymandering. For our democracy to work, it is essential for citizens to be registered, engaged, know that their vote counts, and have the information they need to vote and make informed decisions.

Building Unity: a call to action and the next steps toward the possibility of our survival

We know. Even though many of us are acting as though all is well and there is no need to worry. If you are reading this, you likely know, there is plenty to worry about.

We are at the beginning of massive social and environmental collapse which greatly increases the chances of global war – the last straw for humanity. It is all happening faster than most of us can imagine.