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UNA USA - The risk of a possible hunger pandemic is looming – Take Action!

It's not a coincidence that the majority of people facing hunger around the world live in conflict zones — violence and food insecurity are clearly linked. A year ago, conflict-induced famine was already taking lives around the world. Fast forward to right now: The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened global hunger crises, requiring an urgent response from the UN. As a career diplomat and humanitarian, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield is well-prepared to convene UN member states to spearhead solutions.

Contact WI Representatives: NO MONEY FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS

The F-35’s Block 4 Upgrade Includes America’s New Tactical Nuke

Voice your support for Onion River Solar and renewable energy today

You can support solar in Wisconsin with a quick message today about Onion River Solar!

Voice your support for Onion River Solar and renewable energy today! The Public Service Commission is accepting comments on this project through Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

Support the Iran Diplomacy Act today - Contact Your Legislators!

On the campaign trail, President Biden promised that he would install a foreign policy that relies on diplomacy first. Yet just last week Biden launched a missile attack on the Syrian border targeting alleged Iranian-backed militia members. This is a sure step to tanking future diplomacy with Iran, which will be critical for a return to the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA).

CCL Invites Groups to Endorse an Environmental Bill in Congress

The Milwaukee chapter of an international organization, Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL),, invites your organization to consider endorsing a bill that would effectively ad

WNPJ is hiring! Apply by Tuesday, March 23

WNPJ is looking to hire a part-time Administrative Coordinator. This is a half time, $20/hour position at present. With regular fundraising there is the potential for increased hours, benefits, additional staff and office space. The Coordinator is the only paid WNPJ staff position. Currently WNPJ functions are carried out remotely from home using Zoom and/or Facebook for meetings and events.

Tell State Legislators: Stop attacking the transgender community NOW!

We are in what is already a busy and combative state legislative season … and we need your help to ensure we fight back against every anti-transgender piece of legislation that comes our way.

Right now, we are tracking bills in state legislatures across the country — and many of them are targeting the rights and dignity of transgender people, especially our transgender youth. Let’s show anti-equality legislators that we won’t tolerate any more bullying and discrimination!

W.A.V.E. Action Alert: Send a message to your legislators and Wisconsin's Joint Committee on Finance

Ask your legislators to keep gun violence prevention -- including gun-purchaser screenings, extreme risk protection orders (ERPO), and funding for community-level gun violence intervention and prevention programs (VIPP) -- in Wisconsin's biennial budget.

You can use this link – to contact your legislators:

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