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1. Assembly committee schedules vote on reform bills
2. U.S. Supreme Court ruling underscores need for reform

2009/06/08: Contact Congress to oppose 2009 Supplemental

It's hard to believe, but the 2009 Supplemental is actually worse than before.

In addition to funding a continued war in Iraq and an escalated war in Afghanistan, the Senate version contains the Lieberman-Graham amendment, which prevents the release of torture photos by amending the Freedom of Information Act. Plus, the Senate version also authorizes $108 billion for U.S.-backed loans to be distributed by the IMF, which threatens to exacerbate the global economic crisis, not diminish it.

The first time around, 51 antiwar House members voted against the war funding. Now, House Republicans are threatening to oppose the bill because of the IMF provision. To get the money for the wars, there is great pressure on those antiwar House members to switch their vote.

2009/06/03 Help Pass the Predatory Lending Consumer Protection Act

Take Action: Help Pass the  

2009/05/31 Support needed for new SOA/ WHINSEC Legislation - just introduced in Congress!

Contact your Representative Now!
New SOA/ WHINSEC Legislation Introduced in Congress!

2009/05/29: Send a message: Don't nuke Wisconsin's climate

We urgently need your help to maintain reasonable restrictions on nuclear power in Wisconsin. Learn more and sign our petition here 


Wisconsin has wisely had a state law in place since 1984 that prohibits the construction of new nuclear reactors unless two conditions are met
  1. There is a federally-licensed facility to dispose of high-level radioactive waste from the reactors, and

  2.  The Public Service Commission makes a finding that nuclear power makes economic sense. 

The nuclear industry, using concerns over global climate change, is trying to resurrect itself as a viable option, calling nuclear energy a “clean” solution.  The Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming, as part of a long list of recommendations, has proposed relaxing the law on nuclear reactors and eliminating the requirement that the waste disposal problem be solved. 

To license more reactors to produce more deadly radioactive waste without any way to dispose of it is not only irresponsible.  It is unconscionable. 

Sign HERE to stop that from happening. 

The waste generated by the reactors is so deadly that the Environmental Protection Agency has issued rules requiring that it be kept out of the environment and away from humans for up to a million years!  To put that into perspective, 15,000 years ago Wisconsin was covered by glaciers. 

Opening Wisconsin to more nuclear plants could have another dangerous side effect – increasing federal pressure to select our state as the repository for the nation’s radioactive waste, in the granite formations in central and northern Wisconsin. 

Nuclear power has never made economic sense, despite rosy predictions.  No new nuclear plants are being built because the economic risks are too high. That's why the nuclear industry keeps looking for billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidy.

Act now!  Sign this petition! Tell the governor and legislators there are far better ways to fight global warming than risking the safety and economic well-being of Wisconsinites by opening the door to more nuclear reactors.  


Thank you, 

Chamomile Nusz and Bill Christofferson, co-chairs, Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice.


PS:     Please forward this to your personal e-mail list and ask your friends to join us in stopping this newest threat to our environment, our safety, and our pocketbooks.  And please print out and circulate this paper petition, too.


More on the nuclear issue:

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Coalition of 12 public interest groups urges governor and legislature to oppose nuclear power. Letter.

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An op ed: Don't ignore two big drawbacks to nuke power by Pam Kleiss, Physicians for Social Responsibility

An op ed by WISPIRG's Bruce Speight: Nuclear power is too costly.

An op ed: Nuclear power still doesn't make sense by WNPJ co-chair Bill Christofferson

Download a free book:  Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy

Sierra Club's Shahla Werner op-ed: Nuclear energy too risky when efficiency works

Green Bay Press Gazette: Climate crisis will not be solved by nuclear power By Bill Christofferson

Xoff Blog:   Nuclear industry targeting Wisconsin.

PR Watch:The campaign to repeal the nuclear moratorium

John LaForge (of Nukewatch) column: The toll of Three Mile Island 

Op ed column by Al Gedicks of Wisconsin Resources Protection Council,  Nuclear myths are challenged. 

Video:   A debate on nuclear power 

2009/05/29: Urge Your Senators to cosponsor the Cluster Munitions Civilian Protection Act (S. 416)

Help Us Reach 33

Your lobbying and financial support helped FCNL persuade one-quarter of the Senate to cosponsor legislation that would ban cluster bombs --weapons that have a track record of killing more civilians than soldiers.

2009/05/24 Write of environmental concerns - of mining companies in Colombia

         May 22, 2009

2009/05/21: Waste, cost make nuclear power a bad risk, coalition says

The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice has joined 11 other public interest groups in warning the legislature and governor that lack of a plan for long-term storage of highly radioactive waste and astronomically high costs should eliminate nuclear power from plans for Wisconsin’s energy future.  Read the letter.

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