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Future Cities Conference in Madison

Nov. 5 - 8 Conference on Future Cities 2009 - Madison. REGISTER ON- LINE! Inn on the Park and the Capitol meeting rooms. Local Democracy in Action - for a post-carbon, post-nuclear, greener world!  Future Cities 2009 will stimulate municipal efforts to engage citizens in their local democracies to pormote a shift from carbon and nuclear sources of energy, to a transition from war spending to a peace economy.

2009/08/17:First-hand report on UN working group on mercenaries: Afghanistan is the new private contractor gold mine.


Dan Kenney, contact for a WNPJ member group - reports: I attended a closed door workshop with the UN Working Group on the use of mercenaries around the world last month. It was part of their two week visit to the United States. The workshop was held at the UN Church building in UN Plaza. The International Peace Institute hosted the session. It was a large group. Folks from the International Peace Institute, five members of the UN Working group, Human Rights First, International Committee of the Red Cross, several academics from UW at Madison, Columbia, Harvard, etc, lawyer types, a representative from the International Peace Operations Association (IPOA) and Center for Constitutional Rights. There was also a lawyer there who represented pmscs in lawsuits filed against them by their victims. She had some interesting perspectives about the industry's role in foreign affairs.

2009/07/29:Schedule a carbon free nuclear free program

Whether your organization is planning a public event or a program for your regular meeting, the Carbon Free Nuclear Free Wisconsin campaign can help connect you with a speaker who's knowledgeable on nuclear power, weapons and disarmament issues -- and their connections.
WNPJ is part of a coalition working toward a carbon free nuclear free energy policy for the state, and to stop a movement to make it easier to build new nuclear reactors. 

2009/07/15: In the media spotlight: Making Wisconsin nuclear-free

Members of a coalition working to see that Wisconsin does not relax its rules in new nuclear reactors, and to press for a carbon free, nuclear free energy policy for the state, have had a big week in the news media, with two opinion columns and a feature story authored by WNPJ members.

Al Gedicks of Wisconsin Resources Protection Council in the LaCrosse Tribune: The nuclear energy option is neither safe nor affordable

Jim Draeger of Peace Action-Wisconsin in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Nuclear power: The fool's choice

WNPJ Co-Chair Bill Christofferson in Milwaukee's Shepherd Express:

Get involved!

2009/08/09: WNPJ member groups remember Hiroshima/Nagasaki: Duluth, Janesville


8/9 Sun  7 pm Hiroshima Nagasaki Remembrance Day – Duluth. Congregational, 3833 E. Superior St. Forwarded from Veterans for Peace #80, Andy Anderson at


8/9 Sun 4 pm Presentation on “Decision for Dropping the Bomb” – Janesville. Basics Natural Food Co-op, 1711 Lodge Dr.  Presentation by two historians. Sponsored by Rock Valley Fellowship of Reconciliation. Contact: Ted at 608-754-2490

2009/06/26: Let the Budget Conference Committee know what you think on include the Driving Cards and In-state Tuition provisions in the budget.

The Conference Committee has been appointed! They need to hear from you. Please call the members of the committee to demand them to include the Driving Cards and In-state  Tuition provisions in the budget. Here are their names and numbers: Senator Mark Miller (D): (608) 266-9170; Senator Decker (D): (608) 266-2502; Rep Sheridan (D):  (608) 266-7503; Mary Hubler (D): (608) 266-2519; Jeff Fitzgerald (R) 266-2540; Scott Fitzgerald (R) 266-5660. Every phone call makes a difference! The Conference Committee is designed to negotiate the differences between the Senate and Assembly versions of the budget - which includes our issues.  If drivers cards and in-state tuition are included in the conference committee version of the budget, it will be voted upon in the Assembly and the Senate.

2009/06/24: What you can do TODAY, to keep driving cards and in-state tuition for immigrants in the final state budget

We are still in the fight!  There is still a fighting chance to keep driving cards and in-state tuition for immigrants in the final state budget.   4 Ways You Can Help!: 1.  Attend Rep. Zepnick's Town Hall Meeting on the State Budget Saturday, June 27  at 10am Zablocki Public Library, 3501 W. Oklahoma. We need voters who live in State Representative Josh Zepnick's district to attend and thank him for his support for his support of driving cards for immigrants and instate tuition rates for Wisconsin's immigrant high school graduates. Also ask him to hold strong in telling the Democratic leadership that these measures remain in the final state budget.    (if you are not sure if you live in this district, call Voces at 414.643.1620 or see directions below to find out who is your legislator). Continue to see the other three ways to help:

2009/06/12: War Resister, Victor Agosto, needs your support


Sign the online petition

Make a donation to Victor's legal defense

Active duty soldier and IVAW member, Victor Agosto, has refused to fight in Afghanistan and may face court martial for his actions. Adding your name to our support petition can help his case.

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