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WAVE calls for action to end firearms violence

Approximately 450 people in our state are killed by guns each year. Families and neighborhoods are devastated daily by these tragic, violent deaths.

2010/01/14 Action Alerts for Haiti from Marc Becker, CALA , Kathie Beckett of UNA-USA Dane County - and John Peck, FFD



Marc Becker of Madison, a member of our WNPJ group CALA, was in Haiti early this month with the a delegation with the Alliance for Global Justice. Click here to read his report.  The hotel where he stayed, no longer exists, due to earthquake damage. The following action alert was sent out to CALA members this week. Go to  'read more" below to find out how to offer support, including donations through the Quixote Center.....see the new UNA-USA Dane County website for more information - plus, a message from John Peck of Family Farm Defenders follows.

Kathy Kelly: Speaking truth to power

Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, a WNPJ member group, calls for confronting the Obama administration over its policies in the Middle East during a campaign that begins Jan. 19. Read her commentary on WNPJ's blog.

Wisconsin peace activist arrested, faces deportation from Israel

A Wisconsin peace activist has been arrested and detained by Israeli police shortly before a peaceful demonstration of nearly 300 people in support of Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem who are threatened with eviction by Israeli settlers. Ryan Olander was one of 27 people arrested after their protest was violently dispersed by the Israeli police.  Approximately 475 Palestinian residents in the Karm Al-Ja’ouni neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, in occupied East Jerusalem, face eviction from their homes as Israeli settlers continue to seize property in their neighborhood.

March 9: Join "Safeguard the Guard" at the Capitol

Want to attend the March 9 hearing? register here...
March 9 quarter-sheet flyers here...

hearings bannerSupporters of Assembly Bill 203, a bill to enact legal safeguards to protect Wisconsin's National Guard from unlawful overseas deloyments, will be turning out at the State Capitol in Madison on March 9 for a public hearing before the Assembly's Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. "This hearing will give us an opportunity to make the case that Guard deployments to Iraq are illegal, and to bring forth testimony about the impact of those deployments on Wisconsin's Guard and their families," said Jim Draeger, WNPJ chair and statewide coordinator of the "Bring the Guard Home - It's the Law!" campaign.

Stop, THIEF! Support workers at Palis Café - Madison

Two former workers at Palis Café, the former Taco John's at 1234 Regent St., have filed complaints claiming thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. Wage theft – the willful withholding of earned wages – is a growing national problem. We need to let employers in Madison know it won't be tolerated here.

Every day workers come to the Workers' Rights Center reporting they aren't getting the minimum wage or overtime pay, they have to work off the clock, or their last paycheck was withheld – or the check bounced. Call Palis Café owner Meshe Aldae (608) 255-7254 and tell him: resolve this now, follow the law and pay your workers! (Aldae also owns King of Falafel, 435 W. Gilman St.)

1) Environment: Climate change bill weakens nuclear safeguards; WNPJ, others defend current law

A comprehensive climate change bill, long in the works, has been unveiled and -- no surprise --contains language that would seriously weaken regulations on new nuclear reactors in Wisconsin.

So it is no surprise either that Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice and some of its allies in the Carbon Free Nuclear Free coalition have come out against the proposed changes in the nuclear power section of the 174-page bill.

Wisconsin weekend vigils push for real climate deal

There's a global mobilization planned for this weekend -- right in the middle of the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

There were big rallies on Saturday in many cities around the globe, and on Sunday communities of faith the world over will ring church bells, beat drums, blow horns -- all 350 times, to symbolize the 350 parts per million safe limit for atmospheric carbon dioxide, to avoid catastrophic climate change.  Wisconsin events include a "Sounds of 350" event Sunday in Oshkosh.  Full list of actions in Wisconsin below:

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