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New opportunity to institute criminal background checks for gun buyers

As a result of a strong push by WNPJ member group Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort in favor of requiring background checks on all gun sales, a bill is now being circulated for co-sponsors this week by Representative Staskunas and Senator Coggs. Currently, Wisconsin law makes it possible to buy a gun at a gun show or from a private party without a criminal background check. Statewide, 84% of likely voters, including 7 out of 10 NRA members and supporters, believe that anyone buying a gun should have a background check.
Action Step: Use this "email my legislators" form set up by Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort to urge your representatives to cosponsor Representative Staskunas and Senator Coggs bill requiring criminal background checks for gun buyers in Wisconsin.

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Main Street is Moving - on the road to comprehensive immigration reform

WNPJ member group Voces de la Frontera kicked off their five-city "Main Street is Moving" tour, starting in Milwaukee on the way to joining tens of thousands of people in Washington, D.C. on Sunday to demand the Obama administration come through on campaign promises to enact comprehensive immigration reform and to create jobs.

Stop the crackdown on raw milk sales

Recently, the WI Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has been cracking down on Wisconsin raw milk providers. Legislation to legalize the sale of raw milk and raw milk products is now before the Wisconsin General Assembly (AB 628) and the Senate (SB 434).  Legalizing raw milk will help many Wisconsin dairy farmers to stay in business since through direct sales they will earn 4-5 times as much as from the corporate controlled fluid milk market.  Last year alone farm income in WI dropped by over 50% and hundreds of dairy farmers are now on the verge of bankruptcy.
Action Step: Contact your state Representatives and urge them to support AB628 and SB434 to legalize raw milk sales.
Contact for more info: John Peck, Family Farm Defenders, 608-260-0900,

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Citizen Action of WI Invites you to join the Health Care Reform Call to Action

Please join us this Wednesday at 10 am for a statewide coalition call to discuss the final push for national health care reform. 

Report back from Washington DC protest of health insurance lobby on March 9: Our bus to DC started in St. Paul, MN, with 17 people, and picked up another 15 in Milwaukee, one in Chicago, and eight in Youngstown, OH. We did press events at each stop in Wisconsin. The primary goal of the event was to generate significant press coverage that framed the event as a protest by Americans who are angry at the insurance companies for blocking reform, and we were very successful in doing this at the state and national levels. I’ve pasted all the Wisconsin and national press clips below. Thanks to everyone who helped recruit for the trip, raised money, and especially to those of you who took time out of your busy schedules to be there! Click on "Read more" for call details:

Buses to March for America on March 21

March for America on March 21st/Marcha por America el 21 de marzo  On March 21st, we will march on Washington, DC to demand immigration reform and economic justice for all Americans. To learn more, visit our website: El 21 de marzo, marcharemos juntos en Washington, D.C. con el propósito de impulsar la reforma migratoria para componer el quebrado sistema migratorio que tanto afecta a nuestras familias y al país.

18 Wisconsinites take on Big Insurance in DC this week

From Brian Rothgery, Organizing Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, a WNPJ member group:

On Sunday, March 7, a bus with 20 Minnesotans departed St. Paul for Washington, DC, with stops in Wisconsin to pick up 18 people at  Eau Claire, Tomah, Madison, and Milwaukee.  It will also have riders from Green Bay and Appleton. Many of the riders have personal stories of struggling to afford health care because of insurance company greed.  You can participate online.

Why do we need gun background checks? Meet Wayne

This new video from the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort Educational Fund, a WNPJ member, on why we need background checks on all gun sales, is done simply. But it makes its point. Take action.

Chances improve to block war funding

Earlier this month, Defense Secretary Robert Gates made his formal request to Congress for $33 billion in "supplemental" money to fund the escalation of 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. Many Republicans have announced that they will vote against the war funding, because the bill is also expected to include a provision funding the transfer of Guantanamo prisoners to U.S. prisons. If all Republicans vote against the war funding, only 40 "no" votes from Democrats would be required to defeat the bill. Read more and see other WNPJ Action Alerts for this week below..

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