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Johnson Controls executives refuse meeting with Puebla workers delegation

WNPJ member groups Voces de la Frontera and Milwaukee Fair Trade Coalition and Wisconsin unions are demanding that executives at Johnson Controls, which is headquartered in Milwaukee, meet with a delegation of workers from a Johnson Controls plant in Puebla, Mexico that employs about 600 workers, most of them women, to assemble car seats for Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes Benz and Nissan vehicles. The Puebla workers receive from $96 to $120 per week in return for working four 12-hour shifts a week. The workers are demanding representation by a democratic union, rather than the corrupt company union

Thank Milwaukee Area Tech College for "Boycott Arizona" vote

By a vote of 6-1, the Board of Milwaukee Area Technical College voted to join the growing "Boycott Arizona" movement and ban any purchase by the college of goods and services from Arizona-based businesses.

WNPJ Action Alerts - Week of May 31

Action Alert 1 - Madison: Common Council to vote on resolution opposing anti-immigrant racial profiling
Action Alert 2: Congressional resolution demands Indonesian government respect human rights in West Papua
Action Alert 3: Urge Feingold and Kohl to support funding to prevent teacher layoffs
Action Alert 4: Action needed to prevent jail time for climate activist Ted Glick
Action Alert 5: "War is Making You Poor" bill introduced in House
Action Alert 6: Send a letter of support to British war resister
Action Alert 7: Thank Sen. Feingold for "no" vote on war funding
Action Alert 8: House votes next on war-escalation funding

UFPJ: Demand cutoff in aid to Israel in response to Israeli military killings of Free Gaza flotilla activists

Video of Duluth protest,left.


WNPJ member Joyce Guinn of Germantown in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: U.S. policy change warranted.

WNPJ member Sister Vergine Lawinger of the Racine Dominicans in a letter to the Journal Sentinel: U.S. Must Act

4 Wisconsin House members vote to exit Afghanistan

Four Wisconsin Democrats were among 162 House members who voted July 1 to require the Obama administration to provide Congress with an exit strategy and troop withdrawal timetable from Afghanistan.  The foursome also voted to end all funding except for withdrawing US troops.

The 162 "yes" votes -- 24 more than last year, and including Speaker Nancy Pelosi this time -- were a new high water mark for opponents of the war. The amendment, By Wisconsin's David Obey, left, Jim McGovern of Massachusetts and Walter Jones of North Carolina, failed 260-162 with 11 not voting. Roll call.

Multi-state meeting discusses CFNF strategy, tactics

Forty activists representing several Midwestern states met at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in Custer, WI on June 20 to exchange information, share experiences, and brainstorm on ideas for promoting a Carbon Free Nuclear Free energy policy that doesn’t rely on either fossil fuel or nukes. 

 Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and even New Mexico were represented at the two-hour session in the fair’s networking tent, organized by Wisconsin’s CFNF coalition.

Voces says: Wisconsin is not Arizona!

From WNPJ member group Voces de la Frontera:  Wisconsin is Not Arizona! Join us this Saturday, May 22, at noon at the Frontier Airline Center (formerly Midwest Express Center), 3rd and Wisconsin, for a press conference in front of the State Republican Convention to condemn gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker's recent reversal on Arizona SB1070 law; now proclaiming, "If I were governor of Arizona, I too would sign the Arizona immigration bill"

Urge Attorney General Holder to protect constitutional rights of all Arizona residents

Arizona's harsh new anti-immigrant law, SB 1070, requires the police to investigate and detain anyone who could "reasonably be suspected" of being an undocumented immigrant, and even makes it a crime for legal immigrants not to have papers proving their immigration status. The bill is a clear violation of 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable government search and seizure, and, just as in the 1960's, federal action is needed to protect civil rights in a  state where the governor and legislature are writing racial discrimination into the law. Click here to sign an online petition urging Attorney General Holder to enforce the Constitution by blocking the enforcement of Arizona's anti-immigrant racial-profiling bill.

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