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Help for Afghan Refugees - Contact Your Representatives!


Action Alert update on 2/2/2022! 36,000 Afghan refugees need our help! As people of faith, we believe every human being, made in the image of the Divine, is deserving of a life free from fear, a life of peace and security. 

The Fight for Fair Maps continues, WI - Call your Rep!

Last week OWR showed up in force to the capital to express our opposition to the extreme partisan maps the GOP were proposing. We were delighted to see that every testimony was in opposition to the rigged GOP maps. Despite the complete opposition to the maps, this week every republican, in the senate, voted in favor of the partisan maps. But we won’t give up the fight, because we don’t quit. We must stand up in continued opposition to these rigged maps. Call your legislator and express your opposition,

The Wisconsin Legislature will be voting on the newly rigged maps. Contact your representatives and urge them to vote no!

In his testimony last week, Robin Vos confessed that he tilted the maps in his partisan favor, boasting that there was nothing in our Wisconsin Constitution to prohibit it. That kind of arrogance, and that kind of manipulation, cannot be allowed to stand.  So please contact your legislators and tell them to vote against Senate Bill 621 and Assembly Bill 624.

Sign the Petition! COP26 - Stop Excluding Military Pollution from Climate Agreements

Did you know that “because of U.S. government pressure, the governments negotiating the 1992 Kyoto Protocol agreed that emissions generated by military activity would not count as national emissions and would not have to be reported. As a consequence, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which produces one of the world’s most trusted reports on the rate at which climate change is occurring, does not include national military emissions in its calculations.” (

Review the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Point Beach Nuclear Reactor- be ready for Dec 8!!

The draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) has been released for the proposed action of the license extension for Point Beach Nuclear Reactors. A 45-day comment period will start when the DEIS has been published in the Federal Register. Learn more about the EIS process and to view the DEIS to start reviewing, visit


See more - about December 8th's opportunity for public input:

Send your Senator a message of peace!

U.S.’ Military Budget                                         $780 billion

China’s Military Budget                                     $252 billion

Russia’s Military Budget                                    $  61 Billion

2022 Cost of Build Back Better Act                 $175 billion

The Senate will be acting soon on the proposed 2022 military budget. The Interfaith Peace Working Group is asking people of faith in Wisconsin to be Peacemakers by urging Senators Baldwin and Johnson to vote against this enormous military expenditure and to vote for the Build Back Better Act.

Tell your lawmaker to sign on to Rep. McCollum's resolution ......Nov 1, 2021

Rep. Betty McCollum, alongside nine other members of Congress, introduced House Resolution 751 condemning the Israeli government’s designation last week of six prominent human rights and civil society groups, including DCIP, as terrorist organizations.

Please contact your representatives urgently and insist that they sign on to Rep. McCollum's resolution condemning this criminalization of our human rights work. We must send a clear message to the Biden administration.

Contact your WI Senators: Build Back Better Better!

On Thursday, President Biden announced the latest iteration of his Build Back Better agenda. From the original $3.5 trillion proposal, it has been pared down to $1.75 trillion. It is still the most ambitious social policy agenda we have ever seen and will be transformative in many ways.
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