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Write to President Biden: It’s past time to release Leonard Peltier

This Christmas take a moment to think about Leonard Peltier. Leonard was convicted in 1977 of the murder in 1975 of two FBI agents during a confrontation at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Two others who were charged with the murders were found not guilty by reason of self-defence. Peltier has always denied involvement in the two deaths. He has been in prison for almost 45 years.

Submit your written comments on the Point Beach Nuclear Reactors by Monday, January 3

You may submit written comments by any of the following methods.

JustDane Wishlist Items Needed - Madison

What YOU can do to stop the expansion of Line 5 in WI!

"All hands on deck" to show the DNR that Wisconsin rejects Line 5! Well, it’s finally happened. We’ve been waiting 18 months for the DNR (WI Department of Natural Resources) to release their draft Environmental Impact Statement (dEIS), and now they finally have.

WI Interfaith Leaders for Fair Maps - sign-on letter!


On November 30, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court decided to take a 'least change' approach to deciding the state's legislative districts for the next ten years.  The Court also decided that they would not take partisan gerrymandering into account when deciding what map to adopt. This decision will result in enshrining hyper-partisan gerrymandering in our maps for at least the next ten years, disenfranchising thousands of voters. On December 15, interested parties submitted new maps, adhering to the 'least change' criterion.  On January 18, the Court will begin to hear arguments in the case.

Keep Pushing for a Pathway to Citizenship!

The Senate is working right now on the Build Back Better legislation.  One piece of the legislation includes a partial protection for potentially 6.5 million of our undocumented friends and neighbors. It is not the pathway to citizenship we hoped for, but temporary protection from deportation and the possibility to obtain work permits. 


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has begun to draft rules to establish state PFAS standards for drinking water. Data, scientific evidence and community testimony around PFAS raises the alarm for strong and immediate action on proposed rules for drinking water and surface water standards. Our groundwater, Starkweather Creek, the Yahara chain of lakes and our fish in and around Madison are already contaminated with PFAS thousands of times the anticipated water standard.

Join In! Dec 14 Nationwide Actions to Stop Line 3

The fight continues to Stop Line 3! On December 14th, one year after the start of direct action to stop construction, we are renewing our calls to the US Army Corps of Engineers to order a federal Environmental Impact Statement. 

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