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Tell your water utility it's time to test for PFAS


Despite the serious health risks, most Wisconsin municipalities haven't tested their drinking water systems for PFAS.

Sign the Petition - prioritize human needs over militarism!

President Biden’s FY 2022 budget is scheduled to be released 5.28.21. In it, he is requesting $753 billion for the Pentagon, a $13 billion increase over Trump’s last budget!   The real work begins in Congress, however. Soon the Congressional debate will begin about where to actually allocate our taxpayer dollars. We need to take this moment to collectively call for their use on sorely underfunded human needs over more Pentagon bloat.

WISDOM 'ASK ' - make at least one phone call Thursday morning on the WI Budget!

Last Thursday the legislative Joint Finance Committee (JFC) received the last testimony from citizens about the 2021-23 State Budget.  Immediately after the comment period ended, the Republican members of the Committee - without even informing the Democratic members - released a huge list of items they intend to "remove from consideration."  Clearly, the list was prepared before they heard or reviewed the public comments.  The timing of the release gives the impression that they intended to make clear that they were not paying att

Tell Congress to help close the digital divide now by supporting the AAIA

Broadband has become integral to people's lives, especially over the past year. It's how many folks are logging on for work, attending classes, keeping in touch – even seeing doctors or scheduling vaccine appointments.

Postcard Campaign for a Healthier and Safer WI Future –Without the F-35 Jets

 We, the Interfaith Peace Working Group, are inviting individuals, civic groups, and faith communities to join our Postcard Campaign of Resistance that challenges the decision to deploy a squadron of twenty F-35 fighter jets at Truax Field in Madison by 2023.  These planes will jeopardize the health and safety of Wisconsin citizens and our natural environment.

Help CSP's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Request to the DNR

Crawford Stewardship Project: Please join the hundreds of citizens and now 48 Wisconsin organizations expressing support for a request that DNR prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed conce

100 Days and more must be done.....

President Biden gave his first joint address to Congress on the heels of his administration's first 100 days in office, emphasizing achievements made and work to come.

And while this administration has made progress in the face of a monumental task – undoing the vast harms of Trump, while addressing COVID-19 and a nationwide reckoning with systemic racism – more still must be done to truly achieve justice and equality for all.

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