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ACLU Asks for Support on Reparation Bill H.R.40

Last month, H.R. 40 – a bill that would establish a commission of experts to not only study the history and the impact of slavery and racial discrimination, but also make recommendations for reparations to Congress – was voted out of the House Judiciary Committee. With your help, it can advance to the floor.

This is historic and long overdue, and we must do all we can right now to move this forward.

WI State Budget Week of Action: Twitter Storm today!

As you know, the process leading up to the 2021-23 Wisconsin State Budget is continuing.  The majority party in the legislature disregarded public input and removed hundreds of items from the budget, including many things WISDOM leaders have worked hard on.  That is NOT, however, the end of the story.


Sign the Petition to STOP the destruction of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge


ITC, ATC, and Dairyland Power Cooperative are building Cardinal-Hickory Creek, a massive high voltage transmission line from Iowa through the Driftless Area of Southwest Wisconsin, including the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

Important Action Needed on Roth Feeder Pig 2; Contact the DNR

The DNR has drafted a proposed permit for Roth Feeder Pig II, with a "tentative recommendation to approve." But not all hope is lost! Action can still be taken to prevent this factory farm from expanding, or at a minimum, impose permit conditions that address some of our many concerns about this project. Members of the public have until June 17th to submit feedback on the proposed permit.

How to support Rafah this week

Please Circulate Widely! By now, those who haven't been living under a rock know that the revolt in Palestine, which has been building steadily for weeks in response to Israeli attacks on Al Aqsa mosque and the looming expulsions of Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, has led to another brutal, periodic assault on Gaza (referred to in Israel as "mowing the grass").  

Stop Israel’s illegal expulsion of Palestinians from their homes


More than 500 Palestinian residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem are going to be violently forced out of their rightfully-owned homes by Israeli settlers.

Make that peace call to Rep. Pocan!

Here's an update on peace movement efforts to cut military spending plus something Madison-area folks could do right away to help: call Rep. Mark Pocan. He is a key link in a new national effort to defund the Pentagon, but this struggle won’t be easy.

JustDane Healing House Wish List - Madison

The Healing House is in need of items to make things comfortable for the guests.  The Program Coordinator has developed a wish list of items they need.

Please sign-up  here to donate and drop the items off at the Healing House: 303 Lathrop St., Madison, WI 53726.  Items can be left in the storage box on the porch.

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