Action Alert

End police militarization fueled by the drug war

The war on drugs has fueled violent policing practices that have contributed to the police killings of Breonna Taylor and too many others.Under federal law, the 1033 program plays a major role by giving law enforcement free military equipment and other weapons in pursuit of waging the drug war in our communities. 

Take the Black Sanctuary Pledge

JustDane supports the Black Sanctuary Pledge as presented by Freedom.Inc  JustDane has taken the pledge as an agency. We are committed to making sure that schools are sanctuaries for all students. We must protect the lives of Black students, students of color, queer and trans youth and youth with disabilities in the classroom and beyond.    We challenge you to take the pledge with us.

F-35's - SAVE THE DATE: June 26 - Truax Event in Madison - taking it statewide!

F-35 fighter jets are not just a local problem.

Crawford Stewardship Project Action Alerts this Week

1) Attend the virtual hearing for Roth Feeder Pig II on June 10th at 10:00am. Must register HERE.

Make a phone call today about Expanding Medicare

Following the Joint Finance Committee's actions to remove BadgerCare expansion from the proposed budget, Governor Evers has called for a special legislative session on Tuesday, May 25 to keep this crucial conversation going. Please make phone calls as soon as possible!

100 Strong Letter Writing Action

The Transformative Action Network and 100 Strong are looking to support and amplify James Washington’s calls for better and more humane medical treatment for himself as well as other folks within Columbia Correctional.

Call Senator Baldwin to stop the delivery of US missiles to Israel

For Palestine today, please CALL Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin's office and demand that she support the just-introduced  Sen. Bernie Sanders resolution to stop the pending delivery of $735 million in NEW guided missiles to Israel. This is a companion bill to the Joint Resolution of Disapproval (JRD) introduced in the house yesterday by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, co-sponsored by Rep. Mark Pocan.

Updates - & New Yard Signs from Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin

We've got some new and striking yard signs. If you'd like one please contact to arrange pickup in Madison and surrounding areas.

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