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Sign the petition on Action Network telling Congress to LAUNCH A 3RD RECONSTRUCTION.

Intersecting Systems Causing Poverty: Emerging from the pain and organizing power of the 140 million people living in poverty or with low wages in this nation, the congressional resolution for a Third Reconstruction reflects an omnibus vision for a fundamental restructuring of society that lifts from the bottom.

Support the Indigenous-led Movement to Stop Line 3 in Northern Minnesota!

Many Wisconsin groups and individuals are joining the Indigenous-led nationwide effort to stop this pipeline. You can read more about this effort at these links below:

Join Safe Skies Clean Water WI to Protest F35 Fighter Jets - in Madison June 26


Mobilize at Truax: F-35s won’t let us thrive – Madison, June 26. Start gathering at 2 pm in the Madison College parking lot, for information, music & lyrics. Head to Truax gates – on the sidewalk – no later than 3:00 pm, for speakers and follow-up actions.Take home postcards to mail to Sen. Baldwin, yard signs, bumper stickers and buttons.

Send your postcard: “Postcard Campaign of Resistance Against the F-35s!"

The Interfaith Peace Working Group appreciates your participation in our Postcard Campaign of Resistance against the F-35s!

Now that our communities are cautiously opening up,we hope that you can distribute additional postcards at Farmers’ Markets, Festivals, Picnics and 

to Faith Communities and Elected Officials in Wisconsin.

Act now to keep voting accessible to everyone in WI

WISDOM's Integrated Voter Engagement Team asks us to please act now to keep voting accessible to everyone in Wisconsin. On Wednesday June 9th, Wisconsin legislators will vote on several bills that will make it harder for many people to vote, especially those with disabilities, older adults and people of color.

Discussion and Film Screening on Why We Oppose the F-35's on June 17

The F-35 jet is the most expensive program in the Pentagon's history, projected to cost trillions of dollars over the next decade. Beyond the appalling cost for a jet that doesn't work, people have opposed the F-35 program since their inception because of the very real threat they pose to the health and well-being of local communities where these jets are manufactured and fly. 

Ask Your Representatives to Sign on - Bold Action on Nuclear Weapons

Please ask your elected and appointed officials in local/county and state to sign on to this letter opposing nukes. -
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