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The F-35’s Block 4 Upgrade Includes America’s New Tactical Nuke

Contact your Senators and Congressional representative and tell them NO MONEY FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Use the contact information below or use this handy form from the Friends Committee on National Legislation to write your own Congressperson – with a prewritten letter you can edit to add the information about the F-35 block 4 upgrade.

Demand Governor Evers Open Public Buildings for Shelter from Dangerous Weather

Right now, fellow Wisconsinites are trying to survive outside in these dangerous temperatures -- and the tragic reality is, some of them will not make it. The current mechanisms in place to manage homelessness are simply inadequate, but not for a lack of trying on the part of the many volunteers dedicated to the cause.

Add your name and join anti-racist activists in Dane County in demanding accountability.


For Immediate Release

 An Open Letter to Patrick Marsh Middle School Administration and the Sun Prairie School Board:

Urge you members of Congress to support much-needed spending cuts to the Pentagon

It’s not unusual for a newly minted White House to present what’s known as a “skinny budget,” a wish list of spending requests for Congress and some basic economic projections. We're hearing that’s what to expect from President Biden’s first budget proposal in the coming weeks.

What’s important to remember though, is that it is Congress that sets government spending levels, and this year may be a crucial one in getting necessary cuts to the bloated Pentagon budget.

Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River is asking for your help

Aquila Resources have submitted their application to EGLE of Michigan for their Tailings Dam Permit using the "Upstream" method for their tailings dam. The Upstream Method is the most vulnerable method to failure. Failure of this type of dam would be a sure recipe for disaster for the Menominee River.

We are requesting all environmental groups and their members to go to our website:

Point Beach Action Alerts - from PSR-WI

Do you live within 50 miles of the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant, north of  Manitowoc in NE Wisconsin? If so contact immediately! You could be an official intervener on the petition for a hearing to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

We Need Your Help for a Just WI Budget

2/2 We appreciate all your time and effort in developing and growing our Coalition for a Just Wisconsin Budget. It is heartwarming that everyday more endorsers sign on. Please continue to reach out to all of your people.

Let President Biden Know How You Feel about the F-35 Fighter Jets in Wisconsin

Contact our New President! President Biden wants your input and has set up a website for comments. Please let him know we do not want the proposed squadron of $1.5 billion F-35 fighter jets destined for Truax Field, Dane County. They will promote environmental racism and injustice in our city.

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