Action Alert

09/04/08 Support the GIVE Act (S. 3429)

EAlert from the Wisconsin Council of Churches.

Please share with others, as Congress will only be in session a short time in September before adjourning for the election season.

Nonprofits and volunteers nationwide need your immediate help by showing your strong support for the Giving Incentives to Volunteers Everywhere Act of 2008 (S.3429) ("GIVE Act").

09/04/08 Help Us Confront Blackwater Worldwide - as they attempt to expand their shooting range in NW Illionois

   Help Us Confront Blackwater Worldwide


09/03/08 WISCONSIN DEMOCRACY CAMPAIGN E-LERT - Why is Doyle warming to nuclear option?


In this update:
1. Why is Doyle warming to nuclear option?
2. Wisconsin's biggest political event
3. New board taking hard look at "issue ads"

09/03/08: St. Paul Police target journalists

The St. Paul police department's arrest of Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (left) and two producers from the national news program seem to be part of a pattern of targeting journalists and anyone who could potentially document police misconduct.

08/26/08 Stop the raids! Hundreds arrested in Mississippi

Repeating the tactics they used to arrest hundreds of undocumented workers in Postville, Iowa, agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided an electronics factory and poultry plant in Mississippi, detaining hundreds of workers.

08/18/08 Is your legislator refusing to answer reform questions?

WNPJ member group Wisconsin Democracy Campaign reports that nearly two-thirds of Wisconsin legislators refused to answer a survey on six key democracy reform questions submitted to them by the League of Women Voters and the Democracy Campaign.

08/08/08 - Wisconsin Guard faces deployment to Iraq in 2009

Up to 30,000 Guard troops, including 3,000 from Wisconsin, will be sent to Iraq in 2009. The Wisconsin 32nd Brigade Combat Team will be part of the call-up.

What we can do about it: Legislators in five states, including Wisconsin, are preparing to challenge the Federal Government's right to send National Guard troops to Iraq, based on the fact that the 2002 Authorization for the use of Military Force, which is the basis for the Federalization of the Guard, has expired.

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