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Get Involved with Madison's F-35 Noise Study!

In anticipation of the dramatic noise impacts coming with the proposed F-35 fighter jet squadron, the county airport is updating its 30-year noise abatement plan. Your involvement in the noise study will help make Madison a more healthy and desirable place to live.

Sign up for "Your Democracy Needs You! Tour" - organizing zoom call July 11

Your Democracy Needs You! Tour: - June 23 - Sep 24, 2022 (Maybe Longer) 

Petition to the White House: BAN U.S. Burn Pits at Home and Overseas

“The Department of Defense currently operates 38 toxic burn sites in the U.S., mostly in low-income, rural communities. At these sites, the military collects excess, obsolete, or unserviceable munitions, including bullets, missiles, mines, and the bulk explosive and flammable materials used to manufacture them, and destroys them by adding diesel and lighting them on fire, or by blowing them up. Madison has the toxic burn sites, too!

Demand better pay for Madison's educational assistants!

Please join us in supporting MTI's demand for a $5 dollar wage increase for Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD)  education assistants! 

Have your group sign onto the Nuclear Ban treaty

The Nuclear Ban treaty Collaborative is urging you group to sign onto this statement to support the Nuclear Ban Treaty. This group is also hiring a short-term Campaign Manager to promote the nuclear ban treaty. Please apply or pass along this job announcement to a great candidate! To apply email a cover letter and resume to

Help support an amazing Birth Center with deep ties to indigenous birth workers and communities (and WNPJ)!

Ashland Birth Center, a beautiful freestanding birth center in Northern Wisconsin, is fundraising for a down payment to own the building that is home to an incredible midwifery practice with strong, accountable connections to indigenous birth workers and communities. This will allow them to be able to keep operating there. Dana Churness, one of the primary practice partners, has a long history with WNPJ. If you are able, please support her and the important work they are doing! >>>Click here for the link to donate.

Tax week of action! April 23 at the Dane County Farmer’s Market - Sign the Petition!

In conjunction with the War Industries Resisters Network Week of Action and World Beyond War’s Global Mobilization to #StopLockheedMartin, Safe Skies Clean Water WI,  Veterans for Peace-Madison, and Interfaith Peace Working Group will be asking people how they want their tax dollars to be spent. Come to the corner of King Street and the State Capitol Saturday, April 23rd - and distribute your “beans” where you want your income tax to go!

Write WI Representative Tiffany about his China Amendment






The Cold War on China intensifies. In the latest Appropriations Act, Republican Congressman Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin added a bill that would make it illegal for the State Department to use or create maps that depict Taiwan as part of China.

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