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Our democracy is imperiled by the growing influence of money in politics, greatly compounded by voter suppression and partisan gerrymandering. For our democracy to work, it is essential for citizens to be registered, engaged, know that their vote counts, and have the information they need to vote and make informed decisions.

Building Unity: a call to action and the next steps toward the possibility of our survival

We know. Even though many of us are acting as though all is well and there is no need to worry. If you are reading this, you likely know, there is plenty to worry about.

We are at the beginning of massive social and environmental collapse which greatly increases the chances of global war – the last straw for humanity. It is all happening faster than most of us can imagine.

WNPJ Action Alerts for October 9th, 2014

WNPJ action alerts - send to info@wnpj.org

WAVE's "Hearts and Soles" 5- city tour

Conversations about peace, justice and sustainability

From July 11-14, 2013, members of the WNPJ Outreach team hosted community dialogues that asked the simple question: what are we doing well in our pursuit of creating communities of peace, justice and sustainability? We put out a call to WNPJ members, and what resulted were three events, two in Milwaukee and one in Verona with over 40 people participating.

In this blog entry, we will summarize what happened at each event to the best of our memory and from our notes,* linking to projects and ideas that participants mentioned. Our hope is that these connections will serve as a basis for more conversations around the state and more momentum for those who are working for peace, justice and sustainability. For more information on how to organize an event in your community, you can contact WNPJ at 608-250-9240 or diane@wnpj.org.

Want to be part of summer events about peace, justice and sustainability?

You are warmly invited to a conversation:  How do we create communities of peace, justice and sustainability?

We are welcoming people to come together in communities around the state to talk - and to listen to each other - about how we are fostering peace, justice and sustainability locally.

These sessions will provide an opportunity for people to hear about and share what can be and is being done in their area to create vibrant and flourishing communities.  They will be organized less around specific issues and more around how we can build the community in which we want to live.

We are hoping to develop each event in coordination with WNPJ members and others in the community, to identify creative and proven local ventures creating communities of peace, justice and sustainability, and to promote the events.  Our role is to facilitate these discussions, to document what is said, and to share with our Network and beyond.

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