Member Spotlight: Wisconsin Resources Protection Council

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WNPJ 2013 Lifetime Achievement to Al Gedicks

Add Your Name for a ‘Just Wisconsin Budget’ - by noon Tuesday, Jan. 26th.

In this pandemic time, we are finding creative ways to come together virtually, to share our stories, and to build a people’s movement for a just Wisconsin budget. As coalition member Mike McCabe says, "This is no time for Wisconsin to stand pat.


We, the undersigned Wisconsin faith leaders, are profoundly disturbed by persistent attempts over the last two months to overturn the will of the people as expressed in the November election, which has been called “the most secure in American history.”[1] These efforts came to a head last week in the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol and our democratically elected leaders of all parties. As leaders of faith, we claim our role as part of our country’s moral conscience.

WNPJ is celebrating the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Jan 17 – 22

WNPJ is celebrating the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Jan 17 – 22
 Join in!   There are ZOOM events, available across the state.


Sign Peace Action's Petition: Impeach, remove and disqualify Donald Trump from future office

Add your name to this petition to Congress: Impeach, remove and disqualify Donald Trump from holding future office. - From Peace Action. Donald Trump incited an attack against our country and against us. It’s long past time to remove this dangerous tyrant from office before any more damage can be done. You may have heard that following Wednesday’s riots on the U.S. Capitol, Trump was barred from access to his social media accounts.  Do you know what he retains access to? The codes to launch a nuclear weapon and unilaterally start a nuclear war.

View the ACLU's 'BIDEN-HARRIS TO-DO LIST' - and continue to push for bold measures

View the ACLU's BIDEN-HARRIS TO-DO LIST - and continue to push for bold measures from this incoming administration that serve to tackle pivotal issues across criminal justice, immigrants' rights, voting, disability rights, speech, privacy, and more. 

National Week of Action starting January 15th - to Honor MLK - from the Poor People's Campaign

On January 15th, on the birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. there will be a National Virtual Event & Week of Action to raise attention end educate about the revolutionary focus of MLK's last 3 years, cosponsored by The Wisconsin Poor People's Campaign and National Union of the Homeless (NUH). In January, the coldest of Wisconsin months, it is important that we continue to advocate for the people who have to stay outside in this inhabitable weather.

COVID19 Mutual Aid Support, Offers and Resources

UPDATED OFTEN:  Times that are potentially scary require us to better support one another. In the same way that we bring casseroles to grieving families and baby clothes to celebrate newborns, we can come together as a community to help each other through this difficult time as well. An essential part of stopping the spread of coronavirus from overwhelming our hospital systems is voluntary self-isolation. However, isolation can be difficult without the support of your neighbors. This information will help us provide support to each other!

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