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WNPJ opposes anti-immigrant Pridemore bill

A bill recently introduced by Rep. Don Pridemore would allow law enforcement officials to detain someone for up to 48 hours, if officials have a "reasonable suspicion" that the person is in the United States without authorization. To avoid detention, the person must immediately show proof of her or his immigration status.

WNPJ rejects such measures as racist diversions from the real problems facing Wisconsin.  These proposals would harm our state because:

Fact Sheet: Pridemore Arizona-type anti-immigrant bill

This fact sheet on an Arizona-type anti-immigrant bill introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature was prepared by WNPJ member group Voces de la Frontera:

What is the problem with Rep. Pridemore’s proposed Arizona type bill? 

This bill proposed by state Representative Pridemore from Hartford, Wisconsin promotes  discrimination, is unconstitutional, will reduce public safety, and will be very expensive to the  State.

Illinois withdraws from controversial deportation program

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has announced that the state will withdraw from Secure Communities, a controversial federal program that claimed to focus on deporting undocumented immigrants who pose a danger to the public. In fact, the program has thrown a wide net over the immigrant community, rounding up many people who have no criminal record. Governor Quinn noted that more than 30% of those caught and deported in Illinois under Secure Communities had never been convicted of a crime. Quinn's action

Democracy Now: May Day Rallies Celebrate Unity; Labor Unions and Immigrants, Marching Side by Side

Under the banner of “Wisconsin Solidarity March and Rally for Immigrant & Worker Rights” more than 100,000 protestors took to the streets on Sunday afternoon in Milwaukee to fight back against Governor Walker’s attacks on collective bargaining rights, immigrant rights, and dramatic cuts to public education and health care.  After five years of annual May Day marches organized by Voces de la Frontera, this year’s march marked both an unprecedented turnout and collaboration between Voces and organized labor.  In recognition of the need for unity amongst all working people, national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and other local and state labor leaders joined tens of thousands of immigrant and Latino workers and students. (Photo: Matt Brusky)

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Legislators oppose Arizona copycat bill

Three Wisconsin Representatives were joined by leaders from the labor and faith communities in Milwaukee last week to speak out against a Arizona-style anti-immigrant bill being proposed by Wisconsin Rep. Donald Pridemore.  Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa (left, D-Milwaukee) said the Pridemore bill, which would require local police to stop and question any person if they had "reasonable suspicion" the person was an undocumented immgrant, would be an unfunded mandate that would mean more costs for local communities and law enforcement and increase racial profiling.

Badger Herald: What in-state tuition meant for one student

The Badger Herald, student paper at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, reports on one undocumented student's effort to attend the University of Wisconsin, and how she was helped by legislationl passed last year that allowed children of undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates:  “UW-Madison was far beyond my reach for many years," the student, who wished to remain anonymous, said. "Even though money remains as the biggest barrier to continuing my education, in-state tuition has made it possible for me to attend at all.” Christine Neumann-Ortiz of WNPJ member group Voces de la Frontera defended the legislation, which is now under attack from Republicans in the state legislature:  “These are Wisconsin families. They contribute to our tax base. They are not receiving anything they haven’t paid for or contributed to,” Neumann-Ortiz said. 

Oppose Arizona-like anti-immigrant bill

The anti-immigrant bill being circulated by state Rep. Donald Pridemore "is a copycat version of Arizona bill 1070, the infamous law that targets immigrant populations. The bill was passed last July, but it has not been enacted yet because of several suits brought against it by the federal government, civil rights organizations and individual Latinos," WNPJ Board member Stefania Sani writes in a letter published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Stand for immigrant and labor rights!

Governor Walker is attacking our civil rights as a Latino and immigrant community.  Walker’s budget eliminates  in-state tuition rates for undocumented students who want to pursue higher education.  If the budget passes, tuition costs for undocumented students would go up 10X at a technical college from $150/credit to $1,500/credit.  For the university, it would double from $9,000/year to around $23,000/year.

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