Action Alert

Senators: Vote NO on the $8 TRILLION Pentagon Budget. Vote YES to fund $3.5T for healthcare, education, and green jobs!

This is URGENT. Email and Call your Senators to tell them: we CAN afford healthcare, education, and green jobs! The people and planet CAN’T afford an $8 Trillion  Pentagon budget!

Tell President Biden & Congress to Halt Inhumane Expulsions at the Border

Please take action to tell our government to stop inhumane treatment of asylum-seekers at our southern border!  Please also share this with your own networks and on social media.

Call today - to block the new U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia


This Action Alert concerns the new U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia. Our Peace Action campaign to block this sale scored a major victory when we were able to gain a Senate vote on the sale. The Senate will be voting on a resolution by Senators Paul, Sanders and Lee to block the sale any day now. Can you call your Senators today and ask them both to vote for this resolution to disapproval the sale?

Contact your Representatives - "Unfreeze Afghan $$$"

Use the information in the notice below to send a message to the President and Congress demanding that they take measures to stop the starvation of the Afghan people. Then follow up with a phone call to your member of Congress. The Capitol Switchboard is 202-224-3121.

Call to Action! - Contact your Representatives for a Pathway to Citizenship

As part of the Build-Back-Better agenda, the House voted on Nov 19th to fund provisions that would grant temporary work permits and immigration parole (protection from deportation) for certain immigration undocumented persons in the US. This bill will now go to the Senate for a likely vote in early December.

Contact Senators and Representative to support legislation to institute a policy of No First Use of nuclear weapons

The threat of nuclear war is now higher than it was during the Cold War. That’s according to former Defense Secretary William Perry -- who is no peacenik.  That’s why it’s more urgent than ever that our Representatives institute a policy of No First Use and No Sole Authority in order to reduce the grave peril posed by nuclear weapons.

Cuba - US People to People Partnership Contact your congressional representative today!

Address Humanitarian Needs & Restore Engagement on Cuba. You can help by contacting the office of your Representative (202-224-3121) and asking that she or he sign this Dear Colleague letter to the President.

Help for Afghan Refugees - Call for WI Volunteers

The following request came to WFVJ through our friends at the Wisconsin Council of Churches.  Please respond to if you are able to help out. We need volunteers who would make a commitment of volunteering regularly; either volunteering once a week for a set time (for example, every Tuesday for 8 weeks) or people who would like to go up to Ft. McCoy and stay for a week (there is housing on base available).

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