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"Rivers Before Swine" - Article from In These Times - Aug 2021

On June 1, Forest Jahnke and concerned citizens rally in Ferryville, WI to call for an environmental impact assessment on what would be the largest hog farm in the state. (photo credit to In These Times and Hannah Faris 7/8/21)

CASA CRY on Afghanistan AUGUST, 2021

When the Taliban recently took control of Afghanistan, American media began lamenting this fact saying that American troops were sent to Afghanistan to free the people from oppression and in getting revenge  for the damage done to the Trade Center and the people who died as a result.  What the news people fail to mention is that the real reason for our invasion of Afghanistan was not our desire to stop the oppression and to help the Afghans regain their human rights.  The real reason was our desire to force the people to allow us to build an oil pipe line through the country and to get to other valuable resources in the country.

PSR on WORT-fm about Point Beach Nuclear Unit 1 Emergency Shut-Down


On July 31, 2021, the Point Beach Nuclear Power Reactor experienced a number of valve and computer monitoring failures which could have been catastrophic, had it not been for manual overrides performed. Hannah Mortenson, Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility WI, talks about the poorly publicized incident involving the 50-year-old complex (which was designed for a 40 year service period), and their request to the NRC to send an inspection team to the reactor site.

Welcome, Afghan refugees! - Article in the WI State Journal today

If, dear readers, you’re wondering what people from Afghanistan are doing in Wisconsin then you haven’t heard about the horrific scenes of violence playing themselves out in the Middle East. The withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan and subsequent bloody takeover by the Taliban has created yet another mass humanitarian crisis.  Opinion piece from the WSJ  - Esther Cepeda.

Canadian Campaign to Stop Planned Warplane Purchase

No Fighter Jets CA: the campaign to stop Canada’s planned warplane purchase

Watch this July 7 webinar recording with activists from the U.S. and Canada

JustDane Seeks New/Used Laptops

JustDane participants at Just Bakery and in Pathways to Parents after Incarceration are in need to laptops.

F-35s, Toxic Sludge, and PFAS – Oh My! The Sorry Legacy of the Military Industrial Complex - FFD

John E. Peck, executive director, Family Farm Defenders writes on 8/13/21: As I write this article, the “sound of freedom” (to paraphrase our former Republican WI Governor, Scott Walker) is roaring over my home as F-16 fighter jets practice their take-off maneuvers from the nearby Truax Air Base. None have crashed (yet) in my neighborhood, though one did go down killing the pilot in a remote area of the UP of Michigan just last Dec.

Veterans for Peace National Virtual Convention Aug 12 - 15

THERE'S STILL TIME TO REGISTER! Join VFP at this convention!

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