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“Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” by Dena Eakles

It’s not everyday you welcome those without a home driven from their beloved country for fear of life and liberty. It’s not everyday you’re reminded of the tenants of our country as proclaimed in Emma Lazarus’ poem “Give me your tired, your poor.”  I read of human beings escaping Afghanistan with little to no belongings. Families, occupations and dreams shattered. Many will reside at Fort McCoy. To date nearly nine thousand, mostly children, have arrived.

The Summer 2021 Newsletter “Action on Colombia” has been posted

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MREA Newsletter - How do we achieve a more equitable energy economy?

How do we achieve a more equitable energy economy? If you ask NAACP Field Organizer and MREA Vice President Denise Abdul-Rahman, she’ll kindly tell you we need a system that increases employment opportunities and decreases pollution externalities. She’ll say it starts with dialogue—with listening to communities in need and valuing community knowledge. And then she’ll ask you to re-imagine how a new, clean energy economy can work for all. Today, we’re challenging you to help create actions and outcomes around this dialogue.

Labor Day Recognition all this month: Labor in the Pulpits/On the Bimah/In the Minbar

This year, our allies of faith are participating in Labor in the Pulpits/On the Bimah/In the Minbar. This is a September-long program when congregations set aside time to lift up the dignity of work, support especially low-wage and immigrant workers, and speak to the experiences of essential workers in Wisconsin and around the county.

Family Farm Defenders In the News! For the rights of humans and nature, Line 3 fight must continue

People who grow and harvest food know the many ways nature communicates. For instance, if you plant corn but no cobbs appear, then there’s probably a lack of nitrogen in the soil. Likewise, when your tomato plants turn yellow and die, you may have a problem with water. These conversations show how a continuous dialogue takes place between farmers, ranchers and gatherers, and the land, water and air that connect us together in the food system. Read more from The Cap Times – Aug 28, 2021 by Anthony Pahnke — vice president of Family Farm Defenders and an assistant professor of international relations at San Francisco State University in San Francisco.

#TeachTheTruthWisconsin - a Week of Action for Racial Equity, October 10-16

Around the country, the forces of white supremacy and racism are confronting school boards, demanding they prevent teaching the true history of racism, slavery, sexism, and violence against marginalized communities that is part of the founding of our country.  As people of faith, we believe it is the responsibility of each person to do their part to address the systemic inequities and injustices in our society, and to create a world where every human being can live a life of dignity and respect.  

Safe Skies Asks Federal Court to Expand Record for Its Lawsuit Against EIS for F-35 Fighter Jets at Truax Field on 8/27/2021

Last March, Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin sued the National Guard Bureau and United States Air Force in the federal court of District of Columbia over the adequacy of the Environmental Impact Statement evaluating the impacts of deploying a F-35 fighter jet squadron to Truax Field in Madison.

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