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Local Faith Group Sees Opportunity to Help Stop Endless Wars - Madison

Madison Quakers are taking a  positive step towards ending the U.S.’s “endless wars”.  They are supporting the repeal of the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) and invite their Wisconsin neighbors to join them. (The House voted to repeal (H.R. 256) this week - now on to the Senate) 

CSWAB Calls for New Health Advisory for Toxic PFAS Chemical

If approved, safe levels would be reduced from 450,000 ppt to only 3,000 ppt.

The persistence and mobility of PFBS and other PFAS chemicals can lead to large groundwater contaminant plumes extending miles from source areas. Low levels of PFBS have been detected in groundwater in Marinette County, the City of Madison, Town of Newton, La Crosse County and City of Rhinelander.

Forest Jahnke: State shouldn't let CAFO stink up Crawford County - Letter to the Editor Cap Times - Madison

Dear Editor: Please consider attending the June 10 virtual public hearing for the Roth Feeder Pig II factory farm expansion, Cartoon credit to KenStark - 2021 Richland Co, WI. 

WNPJ Spring 2021 Newsletter is here!

Non-Black Allies in the Fight for Climate Justice: Voices from 350 Madison

Join 350 Madison and friends on Monday evening, June 7, to hear about our experience with the Nehemiah Center's Justified Anger class "Black History for a New Day" and the ways it will help us in our fight for climate justice.

Huda Alkaff: Joe Biden's next 100 days will be key for environment justice in Wisconsin













Alkaff is an ecologist, environmental educator, and the Founder and Director of Wisconsin Green Muslims ( a member group of WNPJ).

Opinion Columnist Al Gedicks in the LaCrosse Tribune

LaCrosse Tribune May 30th -  Climate change threatens Wisconsin’s dams, by Al Gedicks.  May 31 is National Dam Safety Awareness Day. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources notes that this day was established to commemorate the 2,200 people who died in the 1889 South Fork Dam failure near Johnston, Pennsylvania.

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