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Dena Eakles has a Conversation with Jane Kavaloski about nonviolence, international peace work and F35's

Please take some time to listen to this week's WDRT 91.9 fm Driftless Community Radio show 'Conversations'. Dena Eakles of Echo Valley Hope has a regular "conversation" show on WDRT 91.1 in SW Wisconsin. This week she chose as her guest, Jane Kavaloski, a peace and justice advocate and active member of the WNPJ member group, Interfaith Peace Working Group. Jane shared highlights of her life's experiences and observations of the power of nonviolent resistance from her international work. They wrapped up their conversation talking about a 'postcard' - and the campaign to halt the deployment of F-35's to Wisconsin.

Concerned about climate warming? You Can Accomplish So Much in Two Hours/Month!

If you live in Madison and can allocate up to two hours per month to very promising climate action in your community, then the Madison Alder Liaison team (of 350 Madison) is for you.

Proposed Back Forty Mine in Michigan UP a risk to waters, sacred Menominee sites

The Back Forty Mine project was dealt a major roadblock earlier this year when a Michigan judge denied a wetland permit submitted by Canadian-based Aquila Resources because it did not provide reliable identification of wetland impacts and found the application to be incomplete." 

New Resource available from WNPJ Member Group Families for Justice

In this three-part series, Families for Justice hopes to provide relevant resources, thought pieces, and conversation starters curated for those parenting, caring for, and supporting children as we critically examine the institution and function of police and policing, systems of incarceration, and abolitionist alternatives that further models of safety, community care, and repair of harm deeply rooted in racial and transformative justice.

WNPJ 2021 Fall Assembly Video Recordings

Interfaith Peace Working Group Newsletter Sept 2021

We're pleased to share with you the Fall issue of the Interfaith Peace Working Group Newsletter! We believe you will find the articles informative and useful for discussion and study in your congregation/synagogue/mosque or other local faith community.

To Counter Terror, Abolish War - by Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly writes: On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was among a small group of U.S. citizens who sat on milk crates or stood holding signs, across from the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Manhattan. We had been fasting from solid foods for a month, calling for an end to brutal economic warfare waged against Iraq through imposition of U.N. sanctions.

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