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JustDane hiring part-time staff - Madison

JustDane’s Healing House is seeking a Resident Care Specialist. The Resident Care Specialist will work with homeless families where a member of the family is in need of a safe, nurturing environment to recuperate from illness, surgery, or childbirth.

Spread the word! Support the Milk From Family Dairies Act!

Please spread the word to support the Milk From Family Dairies Act! We need more small family dairy farms receiving a fair (parity) price for their milk, not less - and consumers deserve better...

Madison Bus Route Proposed Changes in the News...

The Wisconsin State Journal takes on this issue - interviewing a WNPJ member group: “The truth is that both of the pseudo options presented by the redesign team are not good and are bogus,” said Susan De Vos, president of Madison Area Bus Advocates, adding that most riders don’t care if they’re taking BRT or a local bus and are more concerned with avoiding multiple transfers, having a place to wait for a bus out of the elements and limiting walking distance to a bus stop.

Register to Exhibit at The Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in Custer, WI June 24-26!

We are thrilled to announce exhibitor registration for The 2022 Energy Fair is now open! The Energy Fair is the leading renewable energy and sustainable living event in the Midwest, bringing 11,500+ attendees together in Custer, WI every June. As an Energy Fair exhibitor, you can increase your prospective audience, while creating a robust network of lasting professional and personal connections.

Now hiring: a civic engagement organizer and Jewish educator

Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice, the Wisconsin Council of Churches, and Tikkun Ha-Ir (Repair the City) are jointly hiring a civic engagement organizer and Jewish educator.  Attached is the job description.

WNPJ Proposed Slate of Board members for 2021-2022

At the WNPJ Fall Assembly Nov 13th, WNPJ members will be voting on the slate of Board member nominations. Attached is a document to review the details and also to familiarize yourself with the nominees

Military is Major Climate Destroyer – Letter to the Editor by Jane Kavaloski

The “elephant in the room” is a phrase that refers to an issue so large that it is destroying the functioning of a group. But it also implies that the issue is neither acknowledged nor addressed. The upcoming United Nations’ Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, which begins ironically on Oct. 31, must unmask and confront this “elephant.”

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