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If you are interested in participating in any of the activities below - or if you have skills to offer such as writing, media, technology or communications, please get back to us at and we will connect you with the right person!  This is a brief overview of some of the things we are working on.

Northern Wisconsin Alliance Builds Momentum Against Water Bottling Scheme

Imagine a day when the world’s largest freshwater lake, by surface area, becomes readily available to the water extraction and bottling industry.  A precedent setting artesian water bottling scheme is threatening the Town of Clover, nestled on the South Shore of Lake Superior. 

WISDOM: The verdict in the Kenosha murder case has come as a shock to us all.

The verdict in the Kenosha murder case has come as a shock to us all.   We cannot excuse the expressions of white supremacy that have surrounded this situation and the people who will see this as some sort of vindication of violent behavior. 

Even worse is that some will use it to portray the killer as some sort of hero.

Something to think about - How can solar panels and farming coexist?

NPR news released a story on solar panels and farming coexisting…with an example from Colorado. Check it out – with interesting reviews and comments by folks in Wisconsin’s northern regions. Sent to WNPJ by Langlade County <>

Let Kindness Win - blog post: the Revolution Will Not Be Televised

I don’t have a TV, haven’t for many years.  So watching the hotel’s six news outlets gave me a glimpse at the BS streaming in most homes on a daily basis. The Rittenhouse trail has gone to deliberation.  Pundits from all sides regurgitate what their team wants to hear. Heated arguments among the few gathered outside the courthouse are spotlighted. And if you blinked you missed the interfaith clergy praying near-by for sanity and sanctity to prevail.

(From WNPJ Board member Dena Eakles – her blogpost 11/18/2021: Let Kindness Win 

Coming soon: WNPJ Online Member Circle!

WNPJ will soon have an online member circle. With the Online Member Circle, members will receive a password into an online community where they can share information about their organizing efforts, turn to each other for tips and resources, and overall stay connected with one another.

BEE a Beekeeper at the Farley Center - Applications open for 2022!

Promote small-scale, sustainable beekeeping in Wisconsin by learning to be a Farley Center Beekeeper. Participants will keep bees at the Farley Center and experience a season of beekeeping from start to honey harvest with no prior experience necessary.


Congresswoman Lee Introduced a Resolution to Monitor and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the U.S. Military. Barbara Lee’s legislation demands that the U.S. military account for its heavy carbon bootprint and track, reduce and report greenhouse gas emissions for all operations, including troop deployments, overseas bases and bombings. WIsconsin's Gwen Moore is a co-sponsor.

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