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A Singular Choice! WNPJ Board Member Dena Eakles' Blog Post - April 8, 2023

Changing the Narrative! ...with Dena Eakles. You can find Dena's weekly two minute commentary  "Consider This"on Soundcloud or read her blog Let Kindness Win. (below)  Thanks to WDRT radio for airing her interviews - on "Conversations" - every eight weeks on Thursdays, 5:30 pm CST.


View the three-part class, Black History, Black Freedom and Black Love - for free in February.

As part of a $2 million commitment at MasterClass to make content that inspires and educates on social justice and against systemic racism, for the first-time ever, an entire class will be available to stream for FREE. The class will inform, contextualize and challenge viewers to rethink the notion of race and racism, while reconciling gaps in traditional education about U.S. history and offer tools and techniques to empower change in our own lives.

Water is Life! Wisconsin Poor People's Campaign stands with the people of Wausau for their right to safe, clean water.

Last week residents of Wausau, Wisconsin found that every single drinking water well in their municipal water system revealed higher levels of PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, also known as “forever chemicals”) than recommended by proposed state thresholds for these chemicals. Similar results were found in tests dating back to 2019, a fact that was not made public.

A five-part course that explores land justice as a critical component of religious property discernment - .starting March 24

Join us in a five-part course that explores land justice as a critical component of religious property discernment. We’re showcasing new options for land legacies — ones that build climate-resilient communities, repair racial harm, and leave no one behind.

Celebrate Black History Month

As people of faith, we believe that every human being is made in the image of the Divine, and therefore worthy of living a life of dignity and respect.  We celebrate and embrace the rich diversity that makes up our society and we want our children to be prepared to be happy and productive members of that society.

Job Opening with the DNR

Greetings from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.I am writing you today to let you know that we are preparing to open another hiring process for full-time conservation wardens on or around February 14th, 2022. 


Tell Chase, Wells Fargo, Liberty Mutual, Blackrock, Bank of America and Citibank to STOP investing in fossil fuels!

This winter, I took part in a nonviolent act of civil disobedience inside JP Morgan Chase's downtown branch. Wearing my N95 mask, I sat on the floor with my sign inside the lobby while reading facts about Chase.  I refused to leave until I was arrested or until Chase stopped investing in fossil fuels.

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