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Wisconsin Democracy Campaign - on the Jan 6th hearings:

Matt Rothschild writes 6/10/22: I watched last night’s opening hearing of the Select Committee on Jan. 6 with great anticipation, and by the end, there should have been no doubt in anyone’s mind that Donald Trump engaged in the gravest offenses against our democracy and that he deserves to be indicted on a number of crimes.

Here Comes the Sun - blog post by Dena Eakles

 If you’re thinking of putting up a home solar array in 2022, you will qualify for the 26% federal solar tax credit. That credit will drop to 22% in 2023 and will conclude in 2024. For those tempted to take the solar plunge, learning about your energy use and your energy waste are perhaps the most important considerations. (Here Comes the Sun - blog post by Dena Eakles,June 9)

Veterans for Peace reacts to the 'Military Entertainment Complex', creating Gamers for Peace!

Gamers For Peace (GFP), an initiative of Veterans For Peace (VFP), carries on the legacy of veterans speaking openly to young people about their military service. We’re bringing these stories to today’s digital world through the combined efforts of anti-war veterans, allies and gamers.

Interfaith Peace Working Group Spring Newsletter

See the attached Spring Newsletter from the Interfaith Peace Working learn about the NEW postcard campaign to stop the F35s.

Quaker Reponse to Military Jets & Environmental Restoration

An issue of immediate concern to the WNPJ member group Madison (WI) Friends is government’s selection of our airport as home for the notorious F-35 fighter planes. The Madison Friends’ Minute begins: As Quakers, we seek to remove the circumstances that foster war, based on our belief there is that of God in everyone. That belief has been shown to turn adversaries into friends, while to prepare for war creates a threat, making enemies of people who might otherwise be our allies.

Nuclear power in our future - 'No thanks.'

More than 50 years since the last Wisconsin nuclear power reactor began operation, is there new nuclear power in the state’s future? Two utilities serving Wisconsin customers are exploring that possibility, hoping that new technology and smaller reactors will overcome the problems that have plagued the industry since its inception. It sounds like pie in the sky. (op ed from Bill Christofferson, The WI Examiner - May 2022)

JustDane is Hiring! 2 Care Specialists and a Social Worker - apply by June 16 & June 30

JustDane is hiring - for work in the Healing House. Apply by June 16th or June 30.

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