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WNPJ Proposed Slate of Board members for 2021-2022

At the WNPJ Fall Assembly Nov 13th, WNPJ members will be voting on the slate of Board member nominations. Attached is a document to review the details and also to familiarize yourself with the nominees

Military is Major Climate Destroyer – Letter to the Editor by Jane Kavaloski

The “elephant in the room” is a phrase that refers to an issue so large that it is destroying the functioning of a group. But it also implies that the issue is neither acknowledged nor addressed. The upcoming United Nations’ Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, which begins ironically on Oct. 31, must unmask and confront this “elephant.”

"This Stuff Won't Go Away".... PFAs Chemicals Contaminate Wisconsin's waterways and soil. - from the Guardian

Read here:

A story in The Guardian - about Wisconsin and PFA's:

"This Stuff Won't Go Away".... PFAs Chemicals Contaminate Wisconsin's waterways and soil. 

Weaving the Web - WNPJ Virtual Drop In Hour - meets on Thursday, November 4th


All are welcome to drop in the first Thursday of each month - agenda, just people who care about peace and justice showing up to connect.

Thursday Nov 4, 12 noon - 1 pm

Wisconsin has the highest rate of African-American incarceration of any state in the nation

This week, the highly-respected Sentencing Project released a report on the rate of imprisonment for African American people in the US.  You can read it here:  The Color of Justice: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State PrisonsYou can read an article about the report here: Wisconsin Watch articleThe report shows that in our country, an African-American person is five times more likely to be incarcerated in a state prison than a white person is.  Amid this grim national picture, Wisconsin again has the highest rate of African-American incarceration of any state in the nation.  Nationally, one out of every 81 Black people is in prison; in Wisconsin, it is one out of every 36.  While only about 6% of Wisconsin residents are African-American, 42% of the state prison population is African-American.

Abandoning Yemen? UN Human Rights Council action silences Yemeni human rights victims * Essay by Kathy Kelly

Monday, October 11, marked the official closure of the U.N. Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen (also known as the Group of Experts or GEE). For nearly four years, this investigative group examined alleged human rights abuses suffered by Yemenis whose basic rights to food, shelter, safety, health care and education were horribly violated, all while they were bludgeoned by Saudi and U.S. air strikes, drone attacks, and constant warfare since 2014. 

Fall Newsletter for the Richland Center-Santa Teresa Sister City Project

Fall newsletter for the Richland Center-Santa Teresa Sister City Project

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES with Dane Sanctuary Coalition

The Dane Sanctuary Coalition’s (DSC) ’s Volunteer Driver Program is looking for volunteers who are occasionally available to provide rides for immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. Rides could be to appointments in Milwaukee or Waukegan with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or every now and then to Immigration Court in Chicago.

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