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Peace groups shut down 'Army Experience' center permanently

Army announcement made just days before planned protest.   

A coalition of thirty peace groups has proven triumphant in their goal of forever shutting down the “Army Experience Center” in a suburban shopping mall in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the Army plans to permanently close the facility.

In Wisconsin, peace groups were successful in greatly scaling back a "Virtual Army Experience" exhibit, a smaller traveling version of the video game-based recruitment effort, at Milwaukee's  Summerfest in 2008 and 2009.

WNPJ Blog: A Guantánamo detainee in your town? Two Massachusetts towns say "yes"

Four former Guantánamo prisoners
now relocated to Bermuda

Since the opening of the U.S. military prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, a well-orchestrated propaganda campaign has stoked our fears of those held in the prison, who have been routinely referred to as the "Worst of the worst." After President Obama announced a plan to transfer Guantanmo prisoners to a prison within the U.S., the fear-mongering kicked into high gear and Congress capitulated, blocking funds for the transfer, based on the irrational belief that no prison could be secure enough to protect us from Guantánamo's super-terrorists.

But some towns are now shaking off the fear and fighting back against the fear-mongers with an unusual tactic: Town-hall resolutions that invite the Federal government to relocate a released Guantánamo detainee in their town.

Alliance for Animals bus ads, billboards promote vegan diet

WNPJ member group Alliance For Animals has launched a "Simply Vegan" campaign with a splashy billboard and bus ads that direct people to a new website,

“Adopting a vegan diet is the best thing you can do for the planet, for your health, and of course for the animals,” says Lynn Pauly, Co-Director of Alliance for Animals. “We hear people say that they would go vegan if it were easier. Our website is a perfect example of how simple it really is to embrace a plant-based diet.”

Governor signs Indian mascot bill into law

Gov. Jim Doyle has signed a bill to create a statewide procedure for handling complaints over race-based mascots and logos in schools. Under the bill, SB 25, a school district resident may file a complaint about a local mascot with the state Department of Public Instruction.

The local school board would then have to establish at a hearing that the mascot or logo is not discriminatory, or face changing the offending symbols within 12 months.  

Legislature leaves current nuclear laws intact; Clean Energy Jobs Act dies without a vote

The State Senate has adjourned for the session, without the Clean Energy Jobs Act ever coming to a vote in either house of the legislature.  The Carbon Free Nuclear Free Coalition, which includes WNPJ, has issued the following statement: 

Given the pro-nuclear provisions and many compromises in the final version of the Clean Energy Jobs Act (AB649 / SB450), we are relieved that the bill did not pass the state legislature. While the bill had great promise – and still contained some good measures – we are better off without this version of CEJA on this 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

Race based mascot bill heads to governor

 Senate Bill 25, the race-based mascot, logo and nickname bill, passed the Assembly in a final  53-45 vote on Tuesday night, April 20, and will go to Gov. Jim Doyle to be signed into law. The bill provides a means of resolving discrimination complaints based on the use of race-based 'Indian" logos, mascots and team names through a form of mediation provided by the Department of Public Instruction.

The bill's success was the result of a years-long effort by Wisconsin's native American citizens and their allies, led by the Wisconsin Indian Education Association Indian Mascot and Logo Task Force, headed by WNPJ Board member Barb Munson.

Holy Wisdom building wins highest energy/environmental rating

Holy Wisdom Monastery, a WNPJ member group, has just received word of attaining a platinum LEED rating.

The USGBC (United States Green Building Council) affirmed the green nature of the new monastery building by awarding it a platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) rating.

MD Senate passes bill to protect student info from recruiters

On Wednesday, the Maryland Senate passed, by a vote of 24-23, a bill to prohibit military recruiters from automatically receiving information about students who take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test. The bill has already passed the Maryland legislature's lower house by a vote of 102-37, and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is expected to sign the bill into law soon.

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