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Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - Building Unity Wisconsin

Building Unity Wisconsin is a non-partisan, multi-organizational project with the goal of creating a well-orchestrated, united movement for peace, justice, sustainability and democracy.

Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - The Farley Center

The Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainably is a center dedicated to socially progressive change, community partnership, sustainability and ecological justiceThis member group was started by longtime family physicians, Linda and Gene Farley, who were dedicated to making the world better and more desirable for all. Located outside of Verona, Wisconsin, the gathering house and farm they built were centered on the idea of making land more accessible to those who have little resources to purchase land. The Farleys also understood the importance of locally grown agriculture that creates a legacy of sustainability. 

Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - Sinsinawa Dominicans

Sinsinawa Dominicans - a WNPJ member group comprised of women dedicated to preaching and teaching the Gospel. Based in Sinsinawa Mound in southwest Wisconsin, the Sisters believe that at the heart of ministry is relationship. Today, more than 300 Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters in the United States and abroad participate in the mission shared by all Dominicans: to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed.

Victory: By 10-1 Vote Burlington Vermont City Council Passes a Resolution to Divest From Weapons Manufacturers!

The Burlington, Vermont City Council passed a resolution on July 12, 2021 that would keep the city from investing in weapons manufacturers and requests that the Burlington Employees’ Retirement System divest from any weapons manufacturing companies if any assets are currently invested.

It's Chrysalis Pops Season! - Madison

Our Pops are now sold at all three Willy St. Co-op locations and Brittingham Boats. We welcome the opportunity to cater your next special event! Check out our website for more information and to order your pops!

Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - The Dane County Timebank

The Dane County Timebank is a grassroots organization that is committed to facilitating exchanges and coordinating projects through a racial and restorative justice lens. Established in 2005, the Dane County Timebank is a network of about 3,000 individuals and organizations who exchange services and skills to build community, build capacity and come together to help each other build a better world.

BREAKING NEWS: Colorado Law Provides Protections and Benefits to Undocumented Workers

A good model for Wisconsin: As Colorado continues to recover from COVID-19’s economic fallout, the state is making strides to speed up the process. One way – Senate Bill (SB) 21-199, which makes it easier for undocumented immigrants to fully participate in Colorado’s economy by removing barriers to professional and commercial licenses.

Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - Wisconsin Green Muslims

Wisconsin Green Muslims is a grassroots environmental justice group formed in 2005. Based out of Milwaukee, WI, this group works to promote greener, more eco-friendly living using these tools: 

  • educating the Muslim community and the general public about the Islamic environmental justice teachings
  • applying these teachings in daily life
  • and forming coalitions with others working toward a just, healthy, peaceful and sustainable future. 
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