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Illinois communities block for-profit immigration detention center

On July 3, the city of Joliet, Illinois announced that the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is withdrawing its plans to build a for-profit immigration detention center in that city.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights applauded the news as "a victory for the many local residents of Joliet and surrounding communities who took strong leadership to oppose the for-profit jail.  The Concerned Citizens of Joliet made their voices heard at city council meetings, educated their neighbors, built alliances, and registered and turned out voters in the April elections.  These efforts crossed ethnic and racial lines and showed that Joliet’s diverse communities will unite against the common enemy of mass incarceration devastating their neighborhoods."

Twelve true patriots - including Joy First of WI!

"Who are the true patriots of today?  Not the flag-wrapped politicians who send other people’s children off to be killed or disabled in wars to make the world safe for big businesses," writes Bill Quigley, before suggesting 12 people we should celebrate on Independence Day.

One of Quigley's "true patriots" is Joy First of Mt. Horeb, who's active with WNPJ member groups Pledge of Resistance and WI Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars.  Quigley lauds Joy as a "Wisconsin grandmother of five who has been arrested over 30 times for protesting against the Iraq invasion, the war in Afghanistan, the US drone assassinations."

Congrats, Joy (with Cindy Sheehan in photo), and happy Inter-dependence Day, all!

Contaminated Badger soil will be removed

Thanks to decades of informed advocacy by Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger (CSWAB) and others, the WI Department of Natural Resources is supporting the most thorough clean-up option for contaminated soil at the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant near Baraboo.

"Keeping in mind the future use of the site as the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area, this cleanup is protective of human health for even the most sensitive populations," a DNR official told the Wisconsin State Journal.

The DNR will hold a public open house on June 26 at 6 p.m. at the Ruth Culver Library, 540 Water St., Prairie du Sac.  "We are taking the extra step of holding this open house because of the widespread interest and the long history of public involvement in the Badger cleanup effort," explained the DNR's regional director.

Mukwonago schools to change race-based logo

"Wisconsin's Supreme Court has denied an appeal from two Mukwonago residents who challenged the process by which the state ordered the town's school district to drop its" race-based team name and logo, reports the Milwaukee Journel Sentinel.

The Court's decision means that the state Appeals Court's ruling, in favor of the change, stands.

The school's race-based team name and logo was examined, following a community complaint made under Act 250, a law passed after decades of advocacy by the Wisconsin Indian Education Association, students, civil liberties and anti-racism groups, among others, and supported by WNPJ.

Illinois becomes 14th state to back overturning Citizens United

The Illinois General Assembly passed a resolution "call[ing] upon the United States Congress to propose and send to the states for ratification a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United v. FEC, Speech v. FEC, Buckley v. Valeo and other related cases that allow for unlimited election spending."

Illinois is the 14th state to support overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, which found that unlimited and undisclosed corporate spending on elections was protected by the First Amendment.  Nearly 500 local municipalities across the country have passed similar resolutions.

If you think Wisconsin should follow our southern neighbor's example, click here to sign a petition calling for a statewide advisory referendum on Citizens United.

Winter Schools changes its race-based logo

"After much debate, a western Wisconsin school district will change its Native American logo," reports WEAU-TV.

Winter School District Administrator Penny Boileau said, "If we're offending our students, neighbors, friends, it's not appropriate, it's time to change."

Public input is being sought on a new logo, while sports teams are now using a "W."

"It's a step forward where we can start to heal and grow with that collaboration," Boileau explained.

Madison encouraging fossil fuel divestments

The fossil fuel divestment campaign organized locally by 350 Madison, a WNPJ member group, can celebrate a victory.

"Mayor Paul Soglin announced Thursday that Madison will join nine other U.S. cities in a campaign to encourage divestment of city funds from the fossil fuel industry," reports the Wisconsin State Journal.

"Soglin said Madison doesn't have any funds invested in fossil fuel companies but will introduce a resolution encouraging the Madison School District, Dane County, UW-Madison, the state and other local governments to divest their holdings."

WNPJ member Susan Freiss speaking at the Jane Addams Children's Book Awards

4/27 Sat 9:30 am - 12 noon "Inheriting Legacies of Peace and Justice" Jane Addams Children's Book Awards - Chicago.  At the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, 800 South Halsted St.  First awarded in 1953, the Jane Addams Children's Book Awards honor exemplary children's literature that most effectively promote peace, social justice, world community, and gender and racial equality to young readers.

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