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Spotlight on the WNPJ member group - First United Methodist Church - Church and Society Committee

First Church is decidedly a public church. People look to First Church for many reasons and participate in a variety of ways. We encourage participation in our many ministries. Folks come to participate in our Hope’s Home Ministries with those who find themselves hungry or homeless or in need. Others participate in a variety of arts programs. Some find the worship life and community a place of spiritual nurturing and growth. Others seek to support the work we do to be Downtown for Good through financial gifts and encouragement. We embrace all of these as being part of First Church.

Spotlight on the WNPJ member group SOUL of Wisconsin

Our Mission: S.O.U.L. of Wisconsin (Save Our Unique Lands) is a non-profit grassroots organization whose mission is to promote efficient and responsible management of electrical power for the public good, while protecting the natural, social and economic environments and citizens of Wisconsin.

Spotlight on the WNPJ member group Nukewatch

Nukewatch has been working for a nuclear-free future since 1979. Nukewatch brings critical attention to the locations, movements, dangers, and the politics of nuclear weapons and radioactive wastes. Join us in raising awareness and taking nonviolent action to address the nuclear dangers that threaten current and future generations.

Spotlight on the WNPJ member group Madison Citizens' Climate Lobby

Madison Citizens' Climate Lobby's Solution to Climate Change is Democracy! ​We are a nonpartisan, effective, relationship-driven organization of everyday people working on a big solution to climate change.  There are more than 500 local chapters nationwide – and 25 chapters here in Wisconsin!

MRSCP announces *Al Samud Playground is complete! & *... an opportunity to host a high school student in the fall!

Madison Rafah Sistr City Project is pleased to announce that the fundraising campaign for the Al Samud Playground is complete!  Thank you so much to all our generous supporters who have helped make this wonderful Playgrounds for Palestine play space possible.If you haven't seen it (or if you just want to be cheered up by seeing it again!) be sure to check out this short video about the playground including background, installation and children using the new equipment.

Spotlight on the WNPJ member group Colombia Support Network

What is the Colombia Support Network? CSN is the oldest, continuing voice on the Web for human rights in Colombia.  We issue Urgent Actions, News and Special Reports to act as a voice for reason and humanity for this war-torn country.

Spotlight on the WNPJ member group, UNA USA Dane County

Mission Statement: UNA Dane County is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and mobilizing people in South-Central Wisconsin to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations. This group started meeting in the late 1940’s!

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