Energy Self Sufficiency: The SOUL of a greener Wisconsin

WNPJ member group SOUL (Save Our Unique Lands) of the Kickapoo has been building the movement against high-voltage transmission lines planned to criss-cross Wisconsin, being pushed by American Transmission Company to supply industrial customers with dirty coal power from the Dakotas and destructive hydroelectric power from Manitoba. The planned projects will raise utility rates overall, while the Wisconsin Public Service Commission--an unelected 3-member board that wields enormous power over our energy grid--has approved rate reductions for industry and rate hikes for residential and small business customers. SOUL is publicizing the benefits of energy efficiency and distributed generation using clean, safe, small-scale renewable energy technology.

What you can do

Visit the SOUL website for more information.

Watch the presentation by Rob Danielson at the December 11, 2012 legislative hearing on Wisconsin's energy future (the slideshow is also available to download here).

Write letters to your local newspaper, the PSC, and public officials.