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Rise Up! Protect the Water. Join the Treaty People Gathering in Northern Minnesota

Rise up. We rise together for treaties. We rise together for climate. We rise together for our water. We rise together for one another. As Enbridge builds Line 3 through Anishinaabe treaty land and the Mississippi Headwaters, we continue to stand strong in our resistance.

Stop Israel’s illegal expulsion of Palestinians from their homes


More than 500 Palestinian residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem are going to be violently forced out of their rightfully-owned homes by Israeli settlers.

Postcard Campaign for a Healthier and Safer WI Future –Without the F-35 Jets

 We, the Interfaith Peace Working Group, are inviting individuals, civic groups, and faith communities to join our Postcard Campaign of Resistance that challenges the decision to deploy a squadron of twenty F-35 fighter jets at Truax Field in Madison by 2023.  These planes will jeopardize the health and safety of Wisconsin citizens and our natural environment.

Peace poetry contest

Deadline for entries July 1, 2021. Poetry has a way of moving us past facts and immersing us into an experience. The Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Awards encourages poets to do just that. There are three age categories: Adult, Youth 13-18, and Youth 12 & Under.

The annual contest is open to people worldwide. Poems must be original, unpublished, and in English.

Tell your water utility it's time to test for PFAS


Despite the serious health risks, most Wisconsin municipalities haven't tested their drinking water systems for PFAS.

TAKE ACTION: Sign our Open Letter to John Kerry!

Join over 200 organizations & allies to call on US Climate Envoy John Kerry to address militarism as a major cause of the climate crisis, and to promote redirection of bloated and destructive military expenditures to address the climate crisis and provide for human needs.

From Veterans for Peace

Contact your member of Congress to cosponsor bills to end the culture and practice of militarism in local policing

Daunte Wright didn’t have to die. That’s what I keep thinking, and you may be thinking that, too. He shouldn’t have died. This young man should still be alive to watch his son, Daunte Jr., grow up. 

You all helped to stop the latest attempt to mine near the Menominee River

In 2002, minerals tycoon Tom Quigley drilled test holes just across the Menominee River in Lake Township, Menominee County, Michigan. His discovery of traces of zinc and copper led to the formation of Aquila Resources, which ever since has been trying to construct the open pit Back Forty metallic sulfide mine.

Updated news as of April 30th!

JustDane Healing House Wish List - Madison

The Healing House is in need of items to make things comfortable for the guests.  The Program Coordinator has developed a wish list of items they need.

Please sign-up  here to donate and drop the items off at the Healing House: 303 Lathrop St., Madison, WI 53726.  Items can be left in the storage box on the porch.

Reduce Pentagon Spending!

Veterans For Peace is outraged that President Biden’s budget released this week INCREASES Pentagon spending. This is unacceptable. It is far past time for the U.S. budget to reduce a over-inflated Pentagon spending . This budget does not reflect the overwhelming majority of public opinion that supports re-prioritizing military spending towards programs that benefit regular people and their families.

Tell Gov. Evers to appoint indigenous leaders to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board

This year saw one of the most horrific environmental disasters in Wisconsin history: a wolf slaughter during the height of breeding season, at the behest of an out-of-state hunting group, with the blessing of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board.

Building Unity short video - Restore Higher State Aid to Local Communities Now

Use this link to see why we need to restore the state aid that our state income tax used to provide to cities, towns and villages. 


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