21 days of action


Reclaim MLK Day from Ferguson Action


SURJ Police  Brutality Toolkit


Race to Equity toolkit


Black Alliance for Just Immigration Articles




Anti-racist resources

From an Anti-racist role play and skill share event (by a group in Vermont)



(brilliant video of ferguson organizers breaking it down on ABC and really centering the message)

(another brilliant video of the two of the creators of speaking to the current moment)



(a herstory of black lives matter, understanding who this movement seeks to center and how it is connecting the dots)

(better understanding what white privilege is and how it works)

(from SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice), a national white racial justice network, talking points for white folks about what is going on, what white folks' role is and why it is crucial for white folks to be a part of the emerging movement for Black Liberation)

(unpacking the subtle and not so subtle ways that well meaning white folks perpetuate racism and what we can do about it)

(the limits of the good white person--useful article and some interesting comments too)

(daily ways that white entitlement emerges and exists unchecked)

(the problems with inclusion and diversity and the liberalism that they come from)

(an article detailing why it is crucial that we talk about anti-black racism and black lives in this historic moment)

(what are the stages of what happens when there's injustice against black people)

(national demands of the #blacklivesmatter campaign)

(understanding and unpacking white "non violence" and how it often is coded racism)

(a long but brilliant packet of information, activities, definitions, and more that the catholic workers center in St Louis has put together in the wake of the events in ferguson)

(super moving essay by a black professor at vassar about what his class/educational privilege protects him from and what it doesn't)

(even in the very protests that are about saying that black lives matter, how white entitlement and privilege emerges)

(great call to action for white rural folks to be talking about racism in our communities)