Planning a conversation

Sample Conversation Plan

So you want to have a house or community conversation?? Great!


  • Are you going to pull this together yourself or work with someone else or a group of people?
  • Who would you like to invite and how many people?

Plan the event:

  • Get clear on a day, time and place, then start reaching out.
  • Decide how you would like the meeting to go and who will lead the conversation.
  • Review sample agenda and invitation below
  • Sample conversation starters are below as well.  You may want people to read something ahead of time, or you may want to show a video, or do a reading at the event to start the conversation.
  • Are you going to provide food or ask others to bring some?

Outreach Plan: 

  • You may want to check with a few people to make sure they can come at the time you have chosen, then start inviting others.
  • This may be just calling your friends and family to join you on a day and time that you have chosen.
  • Or it may be making a flyer on Microsoft Word, drawing, or creating a facebook event.

Sample flyer:

  • See below a draft flyer you can adjust.  Join us for a conversation to talk about the recent deaths of black people at the hands of police and the subsequent protests that have followed.  Build community with others who care about these important issues.

Hosting the event

  • You might want to print out an agenda for the group
  • You might want to print out questions, or reading
  • Practice the agenda 
  • Print off some action steps that people can take for each participant
  • Print off the practice conversation exercise for each participant
  • If you don't already have everyone's contact information, create a sign in sheet to collect names, e-mails, phone numbers, and if they are part of any organizations.

Reach out for support:

  • Our team is happy to support you in any way.  We may be even able to come to your event.  Don't hesitate to contact us.

Report Back!

  • We want to know if you have an event! 
  • Please let us know if you have a public event planned so we can help promote it
  • ALSO, Please send us a picture of your event and a short description so we can post it on our website after your event.