2008/11/18: 'Free Gaza' to Aid Agencies: "Deliver it by Sea!"

The Free Gaza Movement today issued this open letter to all organizations delivering humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip

Israel's closure of its land borders with Gaza and Egypt's similar measures on the Rafah border are a
humanitarian disaster for 1.5 million Palestinians. The United Nations announced last Thursday that inside Gaza it had run out of the food essentials to supply 750,000 desperately needy citizens. "This has become a blockade against the United Nations itself," a spokesman said.


The sea route to Gaza, on the other hand, must be considered a viable option to deliver essential supplies.  Since August, 2008, the Free Gaza Movement has delivered aid and personnel to Gaza three times without Israeli intervention and without Israeli permit procedures. Our boats, the FREE GAZA, the LIBERTY and the DIGNITY, sailed directly from international waters to Gaza without passing through Israeli or Egyptian territory.

The Free Gaza Movement complies with an inspection procedure established by Cypriot authorities to ensure that the boat and contents comply with international regulations. In addition, we publish information about our passengers and cargo that assures all parties that nothing and no one harmful is on board. Israel has declared itself willing to accept such assurances.

The Free Gaza Movement therefore encourages all agencies to consider the sea route to deliver aid to Gaza. Furthermore, a concerted effort to use the sea will make it all but impossible for Israel to close this vital route.

We are available to assist interested parties and to offer our services. Please contact one or more of the people listed on this release either by phoning or emailing us.


The Free Gaza Movement, a human rights group, sent two boats to Gaza in August, 2008. These were the first international boats to dock there in 41 years. Since August, two more voyages were successful, taking parliamentarians, human rights workers, and other dignitaries to witness the effects of Israel's draconian policies on the civilians of Gaza.

Alert forwarded to WNPJ by Jane Eiseley of California – who lived in Wisconsin in the 1990’s and is one of the founders of WNPJ in 1991! jeiseley2@yahoo.com

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Free Gaza to Aid Agencies: "Deliver it by Sea!"


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