2008/10/31: Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado Threatened - Colombia

Colombia Support Network has received information from the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado that paramilitary forces are threatening its community members. Yesterday, paramilitaries in the region stopped three people and told them to take a message to their “town full of guerrillas.”  They told them that the people of La Esperanza (a settlement which is part of the Peace Community) must leave if they want to avoid being massacred, and that they have a list of six specific people living in the community that they intend to murder.  On the 28 and 29 of October, the army was present in homes and in the school of La Esperanza, preventing children from attending classes and putting the civilian population in great danger. Additionally, the army has been conducting an illegal census of the civilian population of the area. Other threats that have occurred are described in detail on the CSN website.  
These events clearly demonstrate a plan to generate terror and to exterminate the people of the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado.  We, therefore, urge you to contact the following individuals and to demand a stop to the planned massacre and that the army respect the rights of the civilian population.  In your messages, please ask why paramilitaries are so active in a region already controlled by the police and military.
-Your Senators and Representatives: see CSN In Action (http://www.colombiasupport.net/actioncenter.html)

-The Political Attache of the US Embassy: Scott Fagan: FaganSR@state.gov

-In Colombia: General Hector Eduardo Pena, Commander 17th Brigade: pepopacho@hotmail.com
                       Col. Jorge Hernando Murillo, Police Commander of Uraba: comandeura@policia.gov.co
                       Dr. Edgardo Maya, Procurador General: anticorrupción@presidencia.gov.co   reygon@procuraduría.gov.co
                       Dr. Wolmar Antonio Perez Ortiz, Defensor del Pueblo: defensoria@defensoria.org.co     secretaria_privada@hotmail.com
                       Dr. Juan Manuel Santos, Minister of Defense: siden@mindefensa.gov.co   infprotocol@mindefensa.gov.co    mdn@cable.net.co




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