2008/10/27: Park Falls citizens create meal packets for 'Kids Against Hunger'

 On Oct. 18,  a number of us in the Park Falls and Minocqua area arranged for children and adults to come and package food that will go to stop the starvation for many people in the world.  The food consists of rice, soy meal, vegetable chicken base and other dried vegetables that nutritionists say will provide enough nutrition to save those who consume it.

   Together the Park Falls and Minocqua areas made over 100,000 meal packets with each packet able to serve 6 meals. The communities also raised enough money to send the food where it is needed both here and abroad.  The food was brought in bulk by the Kids Against Hunger foundation.  It proves that people have good hearts and are willing to sacrifice some time and money to help those in need.



We need to remember this when we hear of people committing acts of terror.  People are basically good, but do violence to others when they have great fear that they will not have the means to survive or feel disrespected by others.  If we wish to stop terror we need to address these issues of fear and disrespect.  Instead, we have bombed, invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan killing over a million people (Opinion Research Business), disabling hundreds of thousands of people, imprisoning people without charging them with a crime, torturing them, destroying the livelihood of so many and creating 4 million refugees.  We have caused more fear in the people and further disrespected them, creating even more terrorist activity.  We have become terrorists ourselves.  We have created an irrational fear in the American people that spurred them to do terror to others.  We have yet to tell the American people the reason for the invasion, oil, and continue to lie to the public.  We have spent close to a trillion dollars in committing these atrocities for oil.  This is money that could have been used to save the 35,000 people who starve to death each day (one every 9 seconds) and the millions who have died from common diseases and the lack of basic human needs. The $611 billion plus budgeted for the Pentagon could feed, clothe, educate and provide healthcare for every person in the world for several years. (The Inter-Faith Peacemakers)   We thank the communities of Park Falls and Minocqua for using their time and money to help lessen the fear in the world and to show respect for the many who suffer and die needlessly in this world.   ---Don Timmerman   


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