2008/10/24: UFPJ needs your help and needs it now!

No need to beat around the push: UFPJ needs your help and needs it now!

The longest election season in history combined with a rapidly moving financial crisis has made raising money for the antiwar movement more difficult than usual, endangering even our basic operating budget. For us to do our work we need your help! Please make a donation here today.

Presently, the Bush administration is working hard to force through a Status of Forces Agreement with the government of Iraq. While the final outcome of this process will be in unclear, the goal is obvious. Contrary to what majorities in both the U.S. and Iraq want, the goal is to extend U.S. military operatioons in Iraq well into the years ahead.

In the months ahead, the antiwar movement needs to be as consistent and visible as it has ever been in the urgent work of ending the occupation of Iraq and preventing an escalation of the war in Afghanistan.

The deeply troubling consensus in Washington for taking troops out of Iraq and sending them into Afghanistan in the name of fighting "the good war" demands a strong, nationally-coordinated antiwar movement. We need to remind people about the lessons of the horrific 6 years of war in Iraq and refute the basic premises of the "war on terror".

United for Peace and Justice's first major post election step will be our 4th National Assembly taking place in Chicago on the weekend of December 12 - 14. Representatives from UFPJ member groups around the country will gather just five weeks after the election, but before the new President and new Congress take office, to take stock of the new political terrain and hammer out the direction and priorities for the antiwar movement.

Right now though, we need you to help us get from here to the National Assembly. We need to raise $15,000 by November 1st to cover our operating costs (rent, phone, staff salaries, etc.) and to organize the most successful assembly possible.

Many of you have donated generously to your preferred candidates, which is totally understandable. And we know the nation's economic problems are already hitting many people. But even if you could send a small donation -- what you might spend going to the movies or eating out one evening -- it would make a tremendous difference for us.

Please send in your support today! You can use our secure online donation page, and, at the bottom of that page, you'll find information on other ways to make your contribution to us. We hope we can count on your support.

Thank you so much.


Leslie Cagan
UFPJ National Coordinator

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