2008/10/17: Iraq Moratorium event for October

As part of the Iraq Moratorium event in October, activists held a special statewide organizing meeting in Madison to make plans to bring and keep our National Guard troops home: those who are currently fighting in wars abroad – and those with plans for being deployed in 2009....


We need our Guard here – to deal with floods, and tornados, and supporting human needs within our state and region and nation….not abroad fighting in wars.  We are developing flyers and petitions for the November and December  Moratorium vigils. Watch for them on the WNPJ website: www.wnpj.org . This is part of a national campaign, endorsed by Veterans for Peace and more: The following states have active campaigns which have already introduced or will soon introduce state legislation:  Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York, our own Wisconsin and Oregon.  A new "Bring the Guard Home" website will be up very soon, but in the meantime, go to:  http://www.libertytreefdr.org/event.php?event_id=147 for links to media releases, publicity fliers, articles and FAQs about the national campaign.  And if you want to get involved in Wisconsin, contact Joy First at jsfirst@tds.net or 608-239-4327.



  To see all the Moratorium events listed each 3rd Friday of every month, see the list below – or go to the National and Wisconsin moratorium websites - www.iraqmoratorium.com    and   http://iraqmoratoriumwis.blogspot.com/

 Please send photos and stories of your vigils and actions tomorrow to END THE WAR – to xofferson@wi.rr.com  or to info@wnpj.org

 And if you’re not part of one of these events, do something yourself, where ever you are, to let those around you know we must Bring the Troops Home and End the War and Occupation of Iraq!

 THANKS. Judy Miner WNPJ staff 608-250-9240 -
info@wnpj.org www.wnpj.org