2008/10/15: Contact your legislators to call Homeland Security Chief to ask that he "issue a U- and T-visa fee waiver guidance" for immigrant justice

Action requested by the National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women: Persons who are not citizens, and have been victims of crime (including trafficked victims), must pay high fees in order to overcome the problem of lacking a passport. This makes getting a U or T-visa difficult and hence lessens the possibility that these persons will testify in court, even though law enforcement has certified that they are helpful in the investigation or prosecution.
Please contact your legislators and have them call Homeland Security Chief, Secretary Chertoff, to ask that he "issue a U- and T-visa fee waiver guidance" which will allow these persons to explain why they deserve a waiver and complete their applications for status. Chertoff's number is: 202-282-8495.
Thank you!

Jean sds

S. Jean Schafer SDS
Sisters of the Divine Savior
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