2008/10/14: Make sure your vote counts!

Make sure your vote counts! Millions of votes were not counted in 2000 & 2004.

Follow these steps to make sure yours counts in 2008.

1. Make sure you are still registered. Go to vpa.wi.gov.
2. Vote early (now!) at your city or village hall. Do not wait until Election Day. Milwaukee has extended hours.
3. Do not mail your vote. 3/4 million mailed absentee ballets were not counted in 2004.
4. Take ID with you; something with your name and current address, like a recent bill. You can register up to and including at the poll on Election Day.
5. Do not accept a provisional ballet. Insist any problem be cleared up immediately; demand assistance from a poll judge. You can call 1-866-our vote.
6. Help others. Many people are unaware of these issues. We will all be affected if their votes are lost.
7. Visit stealbackyourvote.org now and after the election.

From Peace Action Wisconsin - info@peaceactionwi.org