2008/10/10: WNPJ group of the Week: Winds of Peace: Projects in Vietnam

We have received an offer for a matching grant to build a Compassion House for a poor family in Vietnam. The poverty that these families live in defies imagination. One woman lived with her four children in a 'house' that consisted of three walls made of plastic tarp. What did she do during the monsoon rains? Another woman lived with her child on the beach.

Compassion Houses are two room cement and brick construction. The floor is cement and the roof is made of corrugated metal. For a family who receives one of these Compassion House it means that for the first time in their life they are safe from monsoon winds and monsoon rains, they are safe from insects and snakes. And for the first time in their life they know that someone cares.

Because of inflation costs a new Compassion House now costs $1,400. Our benefactor will contribute $700 toward this new house if we can raise an additional $700. Please help build this new Compassion House with a contribution now. In peace. Mike Boehm, Chair, My Lai Peace Park Project.

Checks for Compassion House should be made out to Madison Quakers, Inc and sent to MQI, P.O. Box 1461, Madison, WI 53701-1461.

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Contact: R. (Mike) Boehm

Address: 2313 East Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53704

Phone: 608-244-9505 Fax: 608-255-1800 E-mail:tinhkhe@yahoo.com




History: These projects, sponsored by Madison Quakers, Inc., began with the establishment of the My Lai Loan Fund in January 1994. The aim of these projects are to provide badly needed economic aid to the poor women of Viet Nam, especially in My Lai which was the site of a massacre by US troops. They also provide much needed healing to both the people of Viet Nam and America from the wounds of the war.

Geographical area of work: Nationally and in Vietnam.

Working links: Madison Quakers, Inc. is the fiscal agent for all projects. The Women's Union of Viet Nam, the Children's Protection Fund of Quang Ngai Province, the Education Authority of Quang Ngai Province. Funding organizations and individuals are from all over the country.

Projects: 1) Building a peace park in My Lai “as a place for children and a place where all people can meditate over the past with its suffering and losses while also hoping for a better future”. These funds have provided loans to more than 3,000 women and have a repayment rate of about 98%; 2) As of January, 2006, Madison Quakers, Inc., has established loan funds in sixteen villages including My Lai. (These funds have provided loans to more than 3,000 women and have a repayment rate of about 98%); 3) Improving My Lai's infrastructure by helping to build a new 20-room primary school, providing a filtration system and new pumps for the local hospital, and helping bring electricity to the homes of the poor; and 4) An art pen-pals project between elementary schools in My Lai and Madison.

Publications: Newsletter, Winds of Peace.

Congressional District: 2nd, U.S. Representative, Tammy Baldwin