08/08/08 - Wisconsin Guard faces deployment to Iraq in 2009

Up to 30,000 Guard troops, including 3,000 from Wisconsin, will be sent to Iraq in 2009. The Wisconsin 32nd Brigade Combat Team will be part of the call-up.

What we can do about it: Legislators in five states, including Wisconsin, are preparing to challenge the Federal Government's right to send National Guard troops to Iraq, based on the fact that the 2002 Authorization for the use of Military Force, which is the basis for the Federalization of the Guard, has expired.

As Mike Fisher, Vermont state legislator and the author of the Vermont legislation put it: "It is clear that the mission that Congress authorized no longer exists. The President has no current or permanent legal authority to keep Guard members in Iraq." (Rep. Fisher explains the legislation here...)
Legislation has been introduced in New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont, is being prepared in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and "Bring the Guard Home" campaigns are now beginning in Oregon and Minnesota.
The Wisconsin legislation is in the work and should be introduced when the legislature comes back into session in 2009.

Madison-based Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution is leading the effort, with support from other national organizations such as AfterDowningStreet.org, Cities for Peace, CODEPINK, Courage to Resist, Peace Action, U.S. Labor Against the War, Women Legislator's Lobby, and Women's Action for New Directions

Contact your legislators: Ask them to support legislation to keep the Wisconsin Guard in Wisconsin. Find your legislators here...