2008/09/26: WDC E-LERT on the Bail-out

In this update:
1. Incumbents lean on special interests to protect status quo
2. Why a federal bailout is close to inevitable
3. What's behind voter cross-check lawsuit

Most people think the state is heading in the wrong direction. And most aren't exactly thrilled with how they are being represented at the State Capitol. But those currently holding office have the money on their side. Just how big an edge they have is revealed in a Democracy Campaign analysis of the latest state campaign finance reports that was issued today.


Public support for a taxpayer bailout of bad loans and failing national financial institutions is paper thin. Yet Democrats and Republicans appear on the verge of agreement on a $700 billion rescue package. Our latest Big Money Blog gives several hundred million reasons why Washington doesn't care what average citizens think.


Count the La Crosse Tribune as leery of the motivations behind Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen's voter lawsuit. The Sheboygan Press, on the other hand, is quite certain it's just "pure politics." A commentary by the Democracy Campaign's director raises similar concerns.

Meanwhile, local election clerks are saying loud and clear that it's simply not possible to do what Van Hollen wants done.


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