Citizen from Madison arrested in Pipeline Protest in Washington DC -


65 people were arrested outside the White House on Saturday during the first day of a planned two-week long protest against the Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring oil from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada down to refineries on the Gulf Coast. Peter Anderson of Madison was among them and will be held until Monday. 45 more were arrested on Sunday.

The pipeline has become the center of a storm of protests across Canada and the U.S. because extraction of the tar sands oil causes environmental devastation in Canada and wherever it leaks, and because the increased emissions that come from extracting and using the oil will add greatly to the chances of runaway climate change. Protestors are calling on President Obama to deny a permit to the pipeline.

 Our friend Peter is now sitting in a DC jail along with 64 other brave climate activists.  We, the delegation of Madison residents who will join the Tar Sands Keystone XL action, are proud of Peter's witness, and we are not deterred by the stiff fines he and we face,” stated Janet Parker, a Madison Quaker who works at a farm incubator and will be facing arrest on August 30th. Read more below - and contact the White House to stop the pipeline:

Janet Parker, past co-chair of WNPJ,  writes to WNPJ members:

Hello friends -
I am going next week to the big climate change civil disobedience action in DC to call on Obama to refuse to permit the proposed Keystone XL pipeline which would transport low-grade oil from the tar sands of Canada to Texas.  In June, top NASA climate scientist James Hansen wrote about climate change, "Phase-out of emissions from coal is itself an enormous challenge. However, if the tar sands are thrown into the mix, it is essentially game over."  A letter from Bill McKibben is below with details.
There is delegation of 10 Madison activists travelling to DC for the action.  One Madisonite, Peter Anderson, is in jail now after sitting in yesterday.  Over a thousand people will sit in tomorrow, and through the next 2 weeks. A wonderful piece is in the La Crosse paper today: 
I will be proud to participate with Bill McKibben, Danny Glover, Naomi Klein, Wendell Berry, James Hansen and with Madison friends Brian Fay, Terry Ross, Judy Skog, and Seth Jensen.
Please consider sign contacting Obama, coming to DC, or keeping us in your thoughts!  All the info and also photos from yesterday's arrests are here ... 
Janet Parker

cell: 608-239-9421


The press release from Janet continues, below, along with contact information:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                         August 21, 2011

CONTACT:    Janet Parker, 608-239-9421,

                        Judy Skog,   608-217-6600,

Local Citizen arrested in DC during Pipeline Protest,

9 other locals undeterred by the threat of jail

According to Madeleine Para, a Madison kindergarten teacher, “The Park Service came down harder on the first protesters than they had led us to believe they would, in an effort to discourage others from continuing the protest through Labor Day. I’m nervous about being arrested and have never done anything like this before. But I am far more worried about the terrible problems my young students will face if we adults do not face up to our responsibility to stop climate change.” Ms. Para will be joining the sit-in at the White House gates on Wednesday, August 24th.

As area residents Sarah Fuelleman and Rick Chamberlain explained in a letter to their families, “Neither one of us is crazy about the idea of getting arrested and hauled off to jail or paying the $100 fine organizers have told us to expect. Neither of us is taking this action lightly. We’ve both been involved in this struggle in lawful ways for quite some time, and will continue to be. But as the founders of our country knew, as Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. knew, there are times when conscience must trump law, morality must supersede legality. There are times when silence is complicity. Neither of us can tolerate the idea of dooming our children and grandchildren to a world of hell and high water in which drought and floods, taxpayer-funded government bailouts and economic hardship are the rule and not the exception. So we’re putting our bodies and wallets on the line.” Chamberlain will sit-in on August 22 and Fuelleman on the 23rd.

In a heart-felt plea, Terry Ross stated, “We need our government to partner with us against this threat. Participating in this protest is my way of saying President Obama, please, we need your leadership here. President Obama, do the math. It's simple. We cannot bear the additional carbon that this kind of oil reserve can release. Tapping the tar sands puts us into the disaster zone in terms of temperature rise. Please, do the math.” Ms. Ross will join the protest on August 23rd.


More than 2000 people have registered for the protest. Additional area participants include Connie Palmer-Smalley, Seth Jensen, Bryan Fay, and Judy Skog.

Members of our delegation would be happy to talk with the media during our stay in DC.


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