2008/09/22: Alliant's Proposed Cassville Coal Plant: A Bad Deal for Wisconsin!

Alliant's Proposed Cassville Coal Plant:
A Bad Deal for Wisconsin!

Alliant Energy proposes to build an old-technology coal plant in Cassville that’s a bad deal for Wisconsinites. It’s bad for our economy, for our environment, and for our health.

At a time when Wisconsin’s leaders and residents work diligently to reduce global warming pollution, Alliant proposes to build a coal plant that would emit nearly 3 million tons of global warming pollution annually - that’s equivalent to adding over 635,000 cars to Wisconsin roads this year! See more facts about Alliant’s proposal.

Help protect Wisconsin’s environment and stop this coal plant.

As other states boost their economies by reducing global warming pollution and building a clean energy economy, Alliant’s proposed coal plant would threaten Wisconsin’s economy by increasing electricity bills and entrenching a reliance on dirty coal. Alliant’s own analysis suggests that electricity bills will increase at a rate of 5-6 percent annually as a result of this plant. Experts agree that the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will likely drive up the cost electricity generated by coal even faster.

Support renewable energy and help stop Alliant’s coal plant.

Alliant’s coal plant would pollute our air, lakes, rivers and streams with over 196 pounds of mercury every year. Mercury damages the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs and immune systems of adults and children who eat fish that swim in mercury polluted lakes, rivers and streams. Infants and children exposed to mercury are especially vulnerable and can suffer impaired development and nervous system damage. Check out frequently asked questions about Alliant’s proposal.

Help keep our lakes, rivers and streams free from dangerous mercury.

Wisconsin utilities need to keep the lights on, but they don’t need another coal plant to do it. By investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy production, utilities can power Wisconsin and develop a clean energy economy with new jobs in manufacturing, research and construction.

Alliant’s coal plant is a bad investment for Wisconsin. Help protect our environment, our economy and our health by taking easy steps to help ensure this plant is never built.

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ATTEND: Public Service Commission public hearings in Cassville on Alliant's coal-fired power plant
September 29th
Cassville, WI

The Public Service Commission will hold public hearing in the Cassville elementary school gym at 4:00pm and 6:30pm on September 29th. Its important for you to tell decision makers to reject Alliant's dirty coal plant. This is one of only two opportunities for you to voice your opinion to the Public Service Commission.

Public Service Commission public hearings in Portage on Alliant's coal-fired power plant
September 30
Portage, WI

The Public Service Commission will hold public hearings in Portage starting at 4:00pm and 6:30pm on September 30th to discuss Alliant's coal plant proposal. The hearing will be at VFW Post 1707 Hall, 215 W. Collins St. in downtown Portage.

Clean Wisconsin will be providing buses from downtown Madison leaving at 5:30 pm from the corner of Dayton and Carroll St. Please send an email to rsvp@cleanwisconsin.org to reserve your space on the bus.

This will be the last opportunity for the public to enter comments into the official record so get on the bus and make your voice heard!


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