2008/09/01: Witness Against War walkers reach St. Paul, join RNC protest

 Witness Against War, a seven-week, 497-mile walk to promote peace and nonviolence, crossed its finish line Saturday in St. Paul, in time to greet delegates to the Republican national convention. A delegation from the national Veterans for Peace convention, taking place in neaby Bloomington, joined the core group of walkers for the last 2.7-mile segment of the trek, which began in Chicago in mid-July.

Two WNJP members, Steve Carlson and Bill Christofferson, were among those walking the last stretch. WNPJ helped arrange for events and accommodations along much of the route across Wisconsin. Members of Code Pink and the Sisters of St. Joseph greeted the walkers and hosted a celebration at St. Joseph Church to mark the end of the journey. Voices for Creative Non-violence organized the walk, and the full route and reports from along the way can be found on its website.

On Labor Day, Sept.1, residents of the Twin Cities and many guests from other states, including Wisconsin, joined in a mass march from the State Capitol to the Excel Center, where the Republican convention is being held.

Kathy Kelly (pictured at right, in foreground), a two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee who is co-coordinator of Voices, was to visit the Veterans for Peace convention later Saturday. The walkers plan to link up with VFP and others during the GOP convention to call for an end to the war and occupation of Iraq.

Walking from Chicago, the site of the 1968 Democratic Party convention, to Minneapolis, the site of the 2008 Republican Convention, peace walkers affiliated with Voices for Creative Nonviolence crossed Wisconsin this summer, and were joined along their route by many Wisconsin residents. Along the way, they educated the public about the human costs of war, including a nonviolent civil disobedience action at Fort McCoy.





WNPJ members say "thank you" to the Walkers today - for providing peace energy and education   and friendship as you crossed our region.  You set high standards for meaningful peace work      – and we will continue in your path, holding you all as our example – to “Witness Against    War.” JM – staff at WNPj


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